POP Cardio Dance! New Year Workout!

POP Cardio Dance! New Year Workout!

www.blogilates.com Fitness instructors Cassey and Jackelyn Ho take you through a quick but intense POP CARDIO DANCE video to “My Chance” from the 615 Platinum Series. It’s a new year and it’s time to introduce new formats! Dancey time! Talk to me on http Tweet me at www.twitter.com Do some POP Pilates at www.youtube.com
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25 thoughts on “POP Cardio Dance! New Year Workout!”

  1. Lauren Richardson

    Yup! Pilates tones your muscles, elongates them, etc. Cardio burns the fat off your body- all over!- and is the most effective way of losing pure fat. I just learned this today, and it blew my mind! I do so many strength workouts, but I don’t see results because there’s layers of fat covering them! So, I’d recommend you do the hour of cardio a day, and maybe throw in a few strength/pilates workouts every now and then. But if you have to choose, pick the cardio, it will burn that fat off! 😀

  2. I’ve been doing 45 minutes of pilates and 15 minutes cardio everyday, but I think I’m going to start doing just 1hour of cardio everyday because what I really want is get rid of the fat. If I do that, do I lose more weight?

  3. smilingatthesky

    I laughed so much. This is really fun. Not sure I did half of those moves though! But, I throughly enjoyed what I did do

  4. This is awesome! I didn’t have time to get a run into day, but I did this three times and I think it was even better cause it hit some muscles I don’t normally hit!:)

  5. Same here. They go so fast, that I could do like…. 1 move? And suck at it at the same time. 😀

  6. That was AMAZING! More dance workouts please, they make me focus so much more on my form and I work so much harder 🙂

  7. Elizabeth Risk

    Heh…yeah…SO not a dancer… 😀 Worked me out good, though!!! I’m wondering…if you ever do more of these, could you start out with a tutorial of the dance moves? That would result in less twisted ankles on my part :-S

  8. I love u cassey! U r my life trainer!!! I beg u ,don’t stop making workout videos!

  9. Please do More POP Cardio Dance Routines. I really have a hard time doing exercise but it will be SO much easier if you do more of this, I mean, when I dance I really enjoy it and have fun meanwhile in the other videos I just focus on how painful is everything (Im just started like 1 month ago) , so PLEASE Cassey do more of THIS! I love you <3

  10. can u pleaseee make some more pop cardio, i can see my abs forming but their hidden under fat =S

  11. Isabel Nakonieczny

    *attempts to copy the dance moves*
    *fails miserably*
    Oh, screw this, I’ll just go do some squats.

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  13. Swati Chaudhuri

    i love this i can do this exercise all day without complaining !! need more cardio dance videos pls

  14. Samantha Gaucher

    lol i soooo failed. I always look so stupid dancing along with cassey haha.

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