Pole fitness class

fitness-in-ireland.blogspot.com Fitness Classes http Find a Gym in your area Pole Dancing has been rising in popularity over the last few years among women of all sizes and ages who like to mix exercise, energy and fun. With a long list of benefits maybe not as long as you would think. Pole Dancing increases muscle tone, body sculpts,Increases flexibility, builds stamina and strength improves circulation and increases self-confidence and body awareness while bringing improved body posture and grace… read more at fitness-in-ireland.blogspot.com

10 thoughts on “Pole fitness class”

  1. SuperPrincessbambi

    hi im a ex pole dancer and i think pole fittness is great,it is very different from ”pole dancing” not to be confussed with each other.im now changing career to learn to teach this,but i will still give other lessons aswell for ”proper pole dancers”

  2. studio409montreal

    If you don’t have anything nice or positive to said about people how made something good fot themselves I feel very sad for you, but maybe it’s the sign than you should get a life.

  3. JaydinChristine

    This is pole dance, not pole fitness. Great class, just misleading title. True, you have to be fit to do these fabulous moves. But pole fit is usually strength training to get your body in shape to do some of these moves.

  4. as an instructor i disagree with the tenny shoes…heels or barefoot is best…no other shoes are allowed in our studio…i haven’t a negative thing to say about the class…the girls are doing good., i just feel the workout is harder and sexier in heels.

  5. It’s not their clothes or their skills. But PLEASE go on your tips if you don’t wear heels! I do pole dancing myself and this just hurts my soul. It’s their instructor I blame!

  6. omg… it isn’t sexy nor elegant! Shame on you fitness-people. Real Pole Dance is much better than this shit!

  7. i agree, being a poledancer myself! xD there is NOTHIN sexy about poledancing in trainers! lol!!

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