PLAYGROUND WORKOUT – Get Fit While Your Kids Play!

Tired of just standing around while your kids get fitter and healthier? Jini Patel Thompson and her friend Louise show you how to workout WHILE your kids are…

8 thoughts on “PLAYGROUND WORKOUT – Get Fit While Your Kids Play!”

  1. Calcium cannot be excreted through urine. This is one of the problems with calcium supplements and the increase in heart disease – new research suggests the excess calcium is building up in the arteries (artherosclerosis).

  2. I agree. i think the only time you can get away with cutting protein is when your NOT exercising. I know that from personal experiences

  3. you need protein when building muscle. I know, I was in basic and I avoided eating large amounts of meats and i struggled to gain progress. But when I started eating meats i was seeing improvements in my proformance and the rest of my time went by smoother.

  4. Yes, and this is ALL she does to get such great muscle definition – she works out like this at the playground, or at home – but with no equipment, just using her body weight.

  5. @newtttton cutting carbs and upping protein (to an extent) is VERY healthy. The reverse causes muscles to degrade and fat to deposit all over the body. There’s no such thing as a “proven fact,” but I’ve learned what I’ve said here from detrimental personal experiences (and also some very positive ones if I do it right.)

    @Jini, she’s ripped! Great video!

  6. cut carbs and more protien is a myth. eat more carb and cut protein. proven scientifically. when one eats more protein, especially animal protien, they piss out calcium and end up getting osteoporosis. proven fact. .

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