Plank Workout for Flat Abs and Toned Arms Cassey Ho Fitness instructor takes you through an arm workout. Except you have to be in plank the whole time while you lift weights…
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25 thoughts on “Plank Workout for Flat Abs and Toned Arms”

  1. JackieGymnastics

    Oh my gosh I am so proud of myself I did it all! But I definitely for the
    first time not listened to you by using 5 pound weights because the 3 pound
    wasn’t enough. But my arms are noodles!!

  2. Nicole Friesen goodness I had to do it as a wake up in my workout Calender by
    blogilates and I SWEAR I’ve never been this wide awake at 6am 

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  5. Katherine Marie

    I did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU CASSEY!!!! i tried this video in late
    june, and i couldn’t do it at all. i kept having to rest (not rest in
    plank, rest in child’s pose) every five seconds. But i followed the july
    calendar and i can do it!!!! now maybe after i finish doing the auguest
    calender i will be able to do any video where she brings in plates.

  6. Cassey… I literally pressed the spacebar and moaned, “I’m gonna die, I’m
    gonna die” Then I laughed, and took a 30 second breather to type this
    comment. 1 minute later, now I’m going to restart that video and keep doing
    the plank with you. <3

  7. Sooo out of shape… gosh some of the stuff she does is hard! and it’s
    only day four…:/

  8. Sydney Meffley

    You are the most inspirational fitness guru on Youtube 🙂 I am not content
    with my body and it is you who inspires me to change it! I just dedicated
    an hour to changing my body with your videos 🙂 Sweatember day 4 is done!

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