Pitbull training with chain to build muscle.

Pitbull training with chain to build muscle.

Here’s my pit building some muscles. We put on a 3 pound chain and had him run up and down my back yard. He is fast but here he is a little tired. You can se…
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25 thoughts on “Pitbull training with chain to build muscle.”

  1. This video is fucking disgusting… fucking get a proper backpack you lazy
    fuck!!!! you can put water bottles in it put sand in them put whatever in
    them but a fucking chain .. Wow just Wow..

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  3. Amstaff Secer

    @Mslittlejoeyy Can i use any harness for weight pulling , not real weights
    some sleds ?

  4. your fucking pitbull is garbage little head for a male my 6 month female is
    bigger than that mut

  5. DemonikXLVIII

    Just get BullyMax Bro its better then any kind of chain, trust me if your
    really looking to put on musle quik then thats what you need. You’ll see
    results in his stamina and energy in les then a week and after that its all
    about the musle!

  6. you cant do that to a pitbull that young let him grow up> i started with my
    dog at 2 shes a blue bit waight is 83 puonds all musle

  7. Jonathan Torres

    All you guys shutup stop being mean to my dad what ever you say to my dad
    your gonna pay the price!!!!!!

  8. You people are ridiculous that man is putting muscle on his dog hell it
    better what some people do used steroids or some type of muscle enhancement.

  9. Kathleen Brennan

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  10. Craytonmyu630

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  11. why the fuck does he need to build muscle, asshole? how about get a fucking
    job you fucking cunt-bag loser and stop fighting your dog to make money off
    of him! you’re a piece of shit parasite on this planet. GO KILL YOURSELF
    you good for nothing waste of space!

  12. I personally wouldn’t do any weighted exercise with a pup. I’d wait until
    the dog is full matured before I done anything like that. But in saying
    that I can see you clearly want the best from your dog and invest time in
    them, so all the best with the pup mate.

  13. People saying that the dog has bad genetics etc are talking complete crap.
    The dog is still a puppy, and will still be growing until he is around 2
    years of age. I agree that the weights are over the top as the dog is too
    young to be doing such things. I have an 18 month old pit and have only
    just started him on light spring pole and treadmill training. He will not
    be pulling weighted chains etc until he is at least 2 years. Handwalking,
    running etc and GOOD NUTRITION are essential for pit pups.

  14. @TheGervarod hell naw it dont do damage then ur brother did that when the
    pit was to young my pit is strong and i did that hes all good

  15. That not going to build muscle you retard thats only going to cripple him
    for life, why dont you try running around with a chain on your neck. Try
    weight pulling, and running on a treadmill or a flirt pole.you need to feed
    him a high protein diet. And btw your dog looks mixed. You wont see results
    just by making him run around with a damn chain around his neck. You will
    just damage him. And h3 istoo young for all of this anyway. His body has
    not developed properly and it might develop wrong.

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