Pilates workout for Runners

Pilates workout for Runners

If you’re a runner, like me, you’re going to love this Pilates workout for runners. In this Pilates workout we focus on strengthening the core and back to ke…

I designed the BEST leg sculpting and thigh slimming routine for you that doesn’t require you to squat or even stand up. Don’t worry though, it’s still hard …
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27 thoughts on “Pilates workout for Runners”

  1. Carol Scleparis

    A fast paced quick routine! Thanks. The balanced squats certainly
    highlight asymmetry in legs.

  2. I’m not sure that first move is very good for non-pros. :S
    I can’t seem to get it right, all it does is really hurt my lowe back and
    hip joints. 

  3. Kiersten Kellogg

    Am I the only one that physically cannot do the first part of this video?
    It’s way too hard and really hurts my legs. Not like an exercise burn hurt,
    but actually hurts. 

  4. September 7th DOOONE!! OMG who else struggled with the first and the last
    move?? I was shaking so bad!

  5. dying and still got 2 more thursday thighs vids to do :'(
    Love the room youre in Cassey! Mines a tiny college room and i really
    struggle to do some of the moves bc its so small its very annoying, plus
    got people below so have to be quiet! Love your videos :)

  6. Ouch! I may have pushed way too hard since the first move really hurt my
    back. Now, I want more. Hahahahaha, what have you made of me??!!! :o

  7. I personally found other workouts too easy even though I wear ankle
    weights. I’m glad I found this workout because I feel more or a burn. I
    don’t even feel as though I need to wear my ankle weights all the way

  8. Hi Cassey and popsters! I was wondering what I can do if I’m always feeling
    as if my outer thighs might “lock?” In other words, whenever I would try to
    extend it like in the beginning of the video, my outer thighs were sore and
    felt like it was going to stiffen.
    I did my warm up, I would stretch after this routine, etc. Am I just not as
    flexible or something?

  9. loved this workout! hopefully it will strengthen my legs for dance. You are
    amazing, Cassie! 🙂 

  10. Thanks to you I’m starting to love my legs again.
    Cassey, thank you, really, truly – thank you. :”)

  11. First move OMG I died 🙂 it really hurts but it is not like burn it HURTS
    !!! 🙂 

  12. Ophelia Mensah

    Cassie i cannot physically do this workout. I keep attempting the best I
    can but i get the worst crap in my hip. Its hurts in a bad way. What am i
    doing wrong? Is there a modification? I am currently doing the DIET BET
    CHALLENGE. Can I substitute this with something else? Please help.

  13. I figured out how to do the first part! I used to not be able to because I
    would end up cramping, no matter the position I got in. It actually has to
    do with flexibility. I saw this video on the calendar and died a bit inside
    because I’ve NEVER been able to do it. But I tried it anyways and it
    actually didn’t hurt where I’ve been stretching my legs a lot more and
    getting more flexible. It was a pleasant surprise(:

  14. i don’t feel the first move in my thigh but it kills my hip.. maybe I’m
    doing it wrong? I’m ditermined to get it right! 

  15. Oh my word that froggy crunch combo had me shaking like a leaf in a fall
    breeze! However today I was able to roll up ( from laying down to sitting
    up) with you at the end lol. That really motivatee me because usually by
    the end I would lay there listening to you talk or waddle my way up with my
    hands.Thanks for all you do it is greatly appreciated!

  16. Honey Marabane

    gotta love when you’re doing the criss cross legs and the a baby squeezes
    inbetween and makes you work around their body xD thank you baby, i didn’t
    realize i wasn’t working hard enough for you

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