Pilates Class 1, Renee’s 30 Minute class, eFit30!

Renee from Renz Pilates takes you through a NEW 30 minute Pilates routine. Please support Renee by visiting Renee’s website at http://renzpilates.com/ There …

25 thoughts on “Pilates Class 1, Renee’s 30 Minute class, eFit30!”

  1. I love these workouts! I’ve been doing these routines for a while but i
    just moved into a group house and tonight i got the guys to do this one
    with me. It was a lot of fun having other people to do it with. I hope You
    don’t mind me sharing this with others!

  2. I couldn’t reply to Amber Smith – Howell below “linked comment”, however.
    Yes You still should do light cardio for a few minutes. This brings your
    heart rate down at a slow and steady pace, which helps you avoid feeling
    sick after a workout. Walking on a treadmill or on the spot for five
    minutes is a good and easy way to cool down or use our video

    More here on our website;

  3. Fantastic routine! I can feel it but it’s not too taxing, and it reaches
    muscles other routines don’t. Thank you!

  4. Catia Vasconcelos

    Really enjoyed your 30 min workout and the nice flow you do it. Good
    adition to my weekly pilates class. Thanks a lot!

  5. Do you have any recommended flexibility videos? Or will this routine just
    help with flexibility in general? (My flexibility is terrible….)

  6. Wow, that was very enjoyable. A wee bit too fast for me, I prefer a slower
    pace with more repetitions to stay connected to myself, but I found the
    exercises very interesting, so will definitely come back to this video –
    it’s in my favourites already. Thanks very much for creating and sharing
    this class! 

  7. Mabellene Figueroa

    One of the best 30 min Pilates I’ve ever done, learned new techniques.
    Thank you so much

  8. Amber Smith - Howell

    Is it necessary for me to do a warm up an cool down before and after this?
    Thanks x

  9. Thank you for a healthy 30 minutes of my life!
    Have come to the realization that my body has been very weak the past few
    winter months.

  10. Hadn’t worked out in about a month. This was a great workout to ease me
    back in and challenge myself.

  11. Allison Statman

    Awesome Beginners video ! I still have trouble with the side lifts but
    getting there . Great instruction and video. Thanks so much . Will be
    adding this to my Pilates video rotation . You rock ! 

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