Pilates: Balance Ball Workout

Visit www.videojug.com – for thousands more free beauty tips and tutorials. This Pilates workout focuses on using the balance ball to get you working all the muscles which contribute to your core strength – your abs, deeper lower back muscles and pelvic floor muscle. Join Us On Facebook: www.facebook.com Join Us On Twitter: twitter.com

4 thoughts on “Pilates: Balance Ball Workout”

  1. I have to do this to get as fit as she it. pilates ladies are always so gorgeous. i want to change my body. this is how, I know it. thanks!

  2. how can she make it “personal” then? She’s not personally in your lounge room, she doesn’t know your name, if you need motivation maybe you should get a pt. She has a calm voice, not a shreechy yankee voice like others, more sophisticated and pleasing to the ear. I enjoyed it!

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