Pilates 30 Minutes Exercises Full Workout Doing at Home !

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25 thoughts on “Pilates 30 Minutes Exercises Full Workout Doing at Home !”

  1. Screaming Scarlette

    JUST DID IT!!!! Feeling like mush. But, gonna do it every day and come
    check back in.
    Day one CHECK :)

  2. I did not feel long, lean or strong. I felt burning in every muscle in my
    body, I felt weak and tired and after doing this at a friends house, I had
    to get a taxi to take me the 10 min walk home.

    now I’m eating cake.

  3. What does she mean by saying scoop your belly in. I can’t. When I flex my
    and pooch out. I’m getting frustrated

  4. Great workout and very good instructor. I’ve never done Pilates before.
    I’m anxious to see how this compares to the little bit of weight lifting I
    did when I had a small gym to go to at lunch. I’m retired now and I’m
    looking for something at home to keep my body looking fit. I hope this

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    quick and easy way for you to shed fat fast.

  6. This was a really good workout! thank you! it was truly beginner pilates, I
    was able to follow everything

  7. Natalia Kaminskaya

    Can somebody spell the name of the instructor who is doing this workout? 🙂
    will be grateful if u do that :)

  8. Luvly sweetie.
    Thats excellent and i enjoyed this on the educational and observatory
    aspect of things.

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    quick way to shed pounds fast.

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