Operation EVOLVE: 2011- Cutting Edge- Volume 1 “Chest & Shoulders”

(0:23)- Routine Sets & Reps (0:46)- Swiss Ball Explosion Press (3 sets; as many reps as you can in 1 minute) (2:54)- Dominator Press (3-4 sets; 4-12 reps) (7…

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50 thoughts on “Operation EVOLVE: 2011- Cutting Edge- Volume 1 “Chest & Shoulders””

  1. Im liking this stuff, but what if my gym doesn’t have certain equipment
    like the terminator machine etc ? what could i do as a alternative.

  2. Californiaoneone

    Great video, Scott, but “Dominator Press”? Those were OHPs (Overhead
    Presses). Never heard “Dominator” before…

  3. scot, the second exercise is military press you fucking asshole, not
    domination retard press. FUCK YOU, BURN IN HELL.

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    cousin was formerly bullied. He stated he was planning to get bigger. I
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  5. this is motivational man after watchin this i wanna try it and go burn up
    my chest and shoulders in the gym! also what i like is that its a slightly
    different way of training so its edurance training as well as just straight
    sets which we do all the time so its also gonna increase some fat loss

  6. Ashton Montgomery

    scott! ive been doing this since it came out about 3 times a week, DUDE
    THIS SHIT WORKS! thank you so much, my pecs literally grew an inch outward,
    so pumped, thanks man

  7. @00nizar00 nah man, the only way you get them smaller and into a catabolic
    state is if say.. you do this routine two days a week or more. A routine
    like this you probably only do once a week, or twice a week but split up a
    few days apart for muscles to rest.

  8. @TheDim3s o.O Don’t see how that would happen. Think what you mean is the
    shoulder burning is actually the chest. You will very often feel the burn
    higher than the center of the chest, close to the arm pit

  9. You are amazing. I have been watching your videos recently for different
    body part workouts. They all are very cool and introduce correct form very
    well. Keep up the good work :)

  10. ScottHermanFitness

    Hey, DOUCHEBAG its a HOW TO video. Also, these machines are great to
    incorporate into your workouts if they are available to you.. ALSO they are
    made to be done in a circuit for Circuit Training for beginners. Take your
    rude comments elsewhere

  11. Anthony Salazar

    I’ve never seen you do barbell overhead press? I read in a magazine article
    it’s more effective than the bench pres but I have my doubts about that…
    what’s your opinion?

  12. I wish I had a gym nearby. I don’t have all that stuff at home (or a home
    large enough for all that stuff!). 🙂

  13. Scott You have done a lot of videos about how to’s. Can you do a video
    explaining work out routine for hectomorph at least starting in our homes.
    I went to a gym like 4 years ago and didn’t have a result over 4 months. I
    got tired. Any helping tips. Thanks

  14. I agree. We now know you color-code your workouts with your attire… but
    apparently not your videos. XD So let’s get you another pair of blue
    shorts, cuz those need to go. If you auction them, you’d probably get money
    for another pair of blue shorts… maybe two. lol Cuz when you win that
    LiHD Insider contest, you won’t need money for new software and hardware.
    🙂 Just don some red and black ones already!

  15. @legonds I disagree. If your work sets are going to be barbell press, then
    your warm-up sets should be exactly that, barbell press. The machine press
    does not use exactly the same muscles/form in exactly the same way, so
    warming up with the machine to do barbell presses is not a good move, and
    increases the risk of injury.

  16. True but not soon enough. LOL! Keep up the good work. Your vids are very
    inspirational and motivating.

  17. the guy from the video! is such a idiot who the fuck wont be able to work
    on a machine its simple ,, its a machine we dnt need ure help u penios lol

  18. You guys are close minded assholes, you should do this kind of press as
    your first movement to warm up your shoulders and then move to barbells

  19. @ScottHermanFitness Because the barbell overhead press is superior to a
    machine overhead press you dumbshit

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