One Tip To INSTANTLY Increase Your Strength On Every Single Lift!

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25 thoughts on “One Tip To INSTANTLY Increase Your Strength On Every Single Lift!”

  1. Super helpful video good job Scott, gonna use this for sure. I’m used to
    your 2009 technique

  2. Great video scott, i was wondering for the bench press you if its okay to
    take your breath in while lowering the weight or if i should just do it in
    the lockout position?

  3. Another tip: People tend to get light headed when they hold too much air in
    their head, but there’s an easy fix for it…Take in as big of a breath as
    you possibly can which will fill the stomach with air to optimize
    stabilization, then keep your mouth closed and exhale out the nose for
    about 1 second. This will relieve the pressure in your head that causes you
    to feel like you’re going to pass out, but keep the maximum amount of air
    in the stomach…If you practice it, you’ll be able to tell a huge

  4. I agree with a lot of his vids but this one doesn’t set well with me
    because holding your breath puts a lot of pressure on your brain and can
    cause week veins to burst. I had a friend who would hold his breath when he
    would lift and he had a brain aneurysm, luckily he survived. Now I’m not
    saying that everyone will have brain issues but keeping your breathing
    patterns like a pump “in and out” plus keeping everything tight whiling
    performing the lift seems to be safer. I’ve been lifting for over 20 years
    now and I know a little bit about it. This is my opinion and that’s it. For
    anyone who will try to defend Scott and hit why of lifting understand I’m
    not attacking him or his ways, so calm down. Keep up the good work Scott! 

  5. ScottHermanFitness

    Lifting is a lot more complex than just “Lift things up and put them down”.
    Aside from proper form, breathing techniques also come into play especially
    when you begin to lift extremely heavy weight. In this video I am going to
    show you how to maximize control over your core which will allow you to
    lift more weight on any exercise if done properly. It will take some time
    for you to figure out the precise amount of air to take in to maximize core
    engagement on various lifts, but just like anything else, practice makes
    perfect. I will also show you how to utilize this technique when using a
    weight belt. Unfortunately a lot people I see in the gym have no clue how
    to utilize a weight belt to maximize their lifts and in most cases will do
    more damage to their body because they think the belt is “working” when it
    is not doing anything at all. If you have any more questions, please feel
    free to join us in the forums on SHF! #HTH #SHFAthlete

    Forum Link:

  6. Shaine MacDonald

    Good stuff! Do you have any advice on increasing the OHP? My 1RM has been
    stuck at 115 for ages now.

  7. more than half the people I know that wear belts use them to keep their
    stomach from expanding. I can feel a lot of pressure when I use a belt
    because my stomach is expanding when lifting heavy. no matter what though
    belt or not your core is being used no matter what so idk where this myth
    of a belt is going to make you weaker came from? its just compresses your
    stomach from expanded and helps lower back compression as well. but okay.

  8. Omg thank you so much Scott! Now I can Ass to Grass without moving forward.
    Thanks AGAIN.. THIS WAS SO WORTH IT. Do the People who Benchpress heavy
    Weight actually do this technique too? 

  9. Question … Why do you breath out on the top part of the deadlift when
    that’s the part of the movement where you really need to keep everything
    tight? Thank you :D

  10. Thanks Scott! I was so confuse on how to use this method. I though that i
    was supposed to breathe all my air out and then preform the movement, but
    now i know the right way of doing it. Thanks

  11. Thanks Scott!! I’ll be using this on my every heavy sets. Also exhale
    through the rear end as you showed loudly. 🙂 

  12. Scott you should do some video’s of you lifting heavy! Maybe some
    powerlifting? Lets see you snap your shit up Scott. Jk

  13. What a great video Scott! I’m really glad that you are teaching us so much
    knowledge about fitness :)

  14. Γιάννης Σιρέτης

    Haha it was a “squezzy butt fart” Scott!! Happens to all of us! Now,
    seriusly, great tip for once again. I starded doing that in my lifts and i
    did noticr a difference!

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