25 thoughts on “One of a Kind – Olympic Weightlifting”

  1. after watching this, i bench pressed just to know what gay feels like.
    this is true raw strength and power!

  2. @AggressiveNarcissism Not to mention the, most widely considered, RAW squat
    record is 825 by Scott Weech, a whooping 25 lbs more than mendes.

  3. SplinterCellFugitive

    If u study the physiology of band work and chains, these make you more
    explosive than any free weight exercise and indeed require as much
    explosive strength as olympic lifting. I bet olympic lifters use them too.

  4. @sk8forlife90 Every good lifter focuses on their movement regardless of
    what type of lift they are doing. Otherwise, there would be very little
    adaptations to the central nervous system (power lifter), to the muscle’s
    mass and size (body builder), and injury will most likely result. If you
    mean that Olympic Lifters focus on technique and explosive movement, then
    there will still be strength gains in the muscle tissue regardless of how
    well a lift is executed. Allowing strength, not mass.

  5. @BiOAtKtv Well, considering the fact I have stayed clean and my weight is
    88kg, i wouldn’t say they r terrible. But yeah, plenty of room for
    improvement, and thats what I m working on. Anyways, I think if you were
    any better, you wouldnt be posting comments which sound like they come from
    a heavily abused skinny 18 year old, who has never kissed a girl.

  6. @celloprof ?!?!?!what are you talking about? What has poor technique in the
    gym got to do with olympic weight lifting at the highest level??? Paul
    Edward Anderson broke Tennessee state records(1952) and national records
    (1955 436lb) in the clean and “JERK” . He was a master of ALL the lifts
    your ridiculing. He didn’t work out before the 1956 olympics because he was
    sick, but he still won gold. Wonder why? So either your not serious or
    infact you have absolutely no idea what your talking about.

  7. AggressiveNarcissism

    @MrSammers12, Bench is not a good indicator of strength? Are you kidding
    me? Say that to Scot Mendelson and his 715 bench RAW…. Clean and Jerk are
    nothing more then multiple movements that’s timed…. These Olympic lifters
    are chicken-chested with no real power behind them… Olympic lifting is
    60% technique and 40% strength powerlifting is 100% strength…
    Explosiveness is a different story… When a Olympic lifter can squat 1000+
    pounds then come talk to me.

  8. SplinterCellFugitive

    what I was saying is that powerlifters could squat with just as much speed
    and acceleration at the same percentages of your one rep max than a olympic
    lifter could snatch and jerk. powerlifters compete at 100% or their one rep
    max while olympic lifters do not. if olympic lifters did this, they could
    not move the bar at that speed. Olympic lifter could not squat 100% of
    their one rep max any faster than a powerlifter could.

  9. Syarif Haryanto

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  10. @MrMuffins1000 It’s no coincidence that most football players also have
    very good olympic lifting numbers.

  11. @SplinterCellFugitive What r u talking about? I guess, it’s about comparing
    Olympic vs Powerlifters? All are as strong as hell, but have different
    goals. Anyway, Olympic lifters are capable of deadlifting and squating big
    weights, while you cannot say the same about powerlifters doing jerk and

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