Olympic Weightlifting Wrist Support Recommendations

OLYMPIC WEIGHTLIFTER’S TOOLBAG – Part 5 Wrist Support Part 1 Shoes – http://youtu.be/pS2a4Zkk-aw Part 2 Knee Supports – http://youtu.be/QYnJjY1_cVM Part 3 Su…
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Compilation of the top olympic lifters performing world records and other astonishing lifts. Featuring Hossein Rezazadeh, Akakios Kakhiasvilis, Naim Suleyman…
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26 thoughts on “Olympic Weightlifting Wrist Support Recommendations”

  1. @clarence0 just 1.06% of the population, what has that got to do with

  2. @dan7edan7e Taranenko lifted the most ever (266kg) so should hold the World
    Record, is that what your saying? – if so I agree

  3. Mrsirflexalotta

    @ErikJVideos in the end some weights are shown plus lifter. Hmm fucktard. I
    still need to visit the first e-hero in real life 🙂

  4. @I9hate9usernames just read the joke and dont take things so seriousley.
    besides im from ireland where the main sports are hurling and football
    which are both practically 100% dominated by whites.

  5. shakeAbooty88

    One thing is for sure about weightlifting: it is about the most even
    playing field you can get, unlike running where there’s a starter’s gun,
    boxing where there are judges, archery or shooting where a puff of wind can
    make all the difference. And you are right about the speed, power,
    flexibility and dexterity, but I can’t agree with you on the “bar none”
    aspect. Decathletes could take that out, and at the end of the day a great
    Olympic lifter could be a great decathlete, and vice versa. Cheers.

  6. wafflewaffle90

    ugh… wouldn’t that completely wreck your knees? i can’t even imagine what
    would happen if something went wrong.

  7. @dan7edan7e I don’t know about the snach, infact I know little about
    weightlifting, but yea I agree you cant remove a WR just cause the
    weightclasses change, especially if its heavyweights !

  8. @frank32310 most of the strenght sports are dominated by white people. look
    at the strongman competitions and powerlifting..and offcourse weightlifting

  9. @johnfox3 exactly…. when you are talking about SHW – you are talking
    about ABSOLUTE records. Basically, you can have a man weigh
    half-a-fuckin-ton, he d still fall in the same weight cat. If you wanna see
    216 snatch, check this out: watch?v=r0Z_ffcOtow

  10. i cxant even clean 135lbs 🙁 im 14 and began doing 3 sets of 5 120lbs power
    cleans.i cant even snatch 95lbs 🙁 i can do alot of weight on any other
    exercise though.any help?

  11. MrNightcrawler1969

    Hi I am an x Olympic Weightlifter, although the rules have changed from
    when I was competing 20 odd years ago. I’ll do my best here goes. There are
    weight classes roughly in 5 kg jumps say for arguments sake so that the
    lifters are all roughly the same weight. There are 2 lifts The Snatch & the
    Clean & Jerk & the competitors have 3 attempts at each lift & the highest
    combined Snatch & Clean & Jerk total wins

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