Olympic Weightlifting Snatch Highlights from California Strength

Olympic weightlifting snatch how-to videos http://www.californiastrength.com/videos/viewcategory/5/snatch Today’s video is a collection of lifts from the pas…

Learn about Olympic weightlifting! Jim Schmitz, 3-time coach of the U.S. Olympic Weightlifting team, teaches The Clean and Jerk. In slow motion at equivalent…

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  1. What kind of technique is this? I’ve always been taught the triple
    extension and shrug – it’s constantly being drilled into me by my coaches. 

  2. Anyone notice that Spencer Moorman regrips the bar in the snatch? Pretty
    cool, don’t see that too often!

  3. What RandomStevie said. When you do something over and over and over again
    day in and day out you are gonna be able to push harder and thus make
    bigger gains. Plus great genetics, an awesome facility, and a first class
    coach (Glenn Pendlay).

  4. Can you tell me wich is the best exercise to win the exitation in getting
    under the bar in the snatch? Thanks.

  5. he is right, to get to that level these guys are at most whould need at
    least 2 training sessions a day, i’m just doing 6 times a week and 9
    sessions so i am still trying to get to that level where my body can stand
    and recover from that much training

  6. It was more of a joke buddy 😉 My current deadlift is about 225kg, though I
    didn’t measure my 1RM for 6 weeks. Just uploaded a video of a 200kg pull.

  7. I am getting that from a post on Glenn Pendlay’s forum, written by the man
    himself, if you google “pendlay forum how we train” you should be able to
    find it.

  8. What wonderful inspiration for new lifters and veterans of the sport.Great
    pulling technique. It has been said for over 40 years that both the
    Canadians and Americans had outstanding technique. I remember seeing the
    Bulgarians pulling wrong with their biceps but still making world records
    and also a prime example was David Rigert’s record clean and jerk record
    while visiting the USA and ever lifter could see his pulling with his arms.

  9. This is awesome and Do you guys actually hit your hip of the bar on the
    snatch and does it hurt because when i try doing it hurts should i just
    keep doing it and be a man about it or am i doing something wrong?

  10. For someone who isn’t interested in “proofs” you are quite criticising when
    it comes to me and my strength. Instead of calling me weak (which I am not
    at all) or complaining about my squat, you should take a step back and
    think about the way your behavior appears to others. Good day to you, Sir.

  11. Hi. I have been lifting for a few years with rigorous focus but never
    attempted this until recently. During the clean, I rammed the bar right
    into my groin. I thought I seriously injured my dick. Anyways, I am
    terrified to try it again. What do I do to keep this from happening ever
    again? Cause ouch. I need that. 

  12. i knew youre supposed to fucking jump and come off youre toes… never let
    people second guess you because odds are, youre right.

  13. Hi, I love the video. Can you give any tips for shoulder flexibility? I
    can’t seem to get my arms fully extended and behind my ears. Overhead are a
    big problem for the same reason. Thanks. 

  14. Very helpful video and easy to understand the standard forms with slow
    motion. thank you so much. I have one question: I have started my crossfit
    training for two weeks now, and done a lot of lifting and clean and jerk,
    so it is been two days that my both wrist are hurting so badly, is there
    any effective way to ease the pain? or how long should i wait for my next
    lifting training ? thank you 

  15. @Tyler Newton …There are several studies out there that compared power
    lifting to olympic weightlifting and have proven the effectiveness of one
    training over the other for sports like football, basketball, and
    wrestling. The one I just read: “COMPARISON OF OLYMPIC VS. TRADITIONAL

    Has a detailed program in it. I would suggest you talk to a trainer, but I
    have seen firsthand in my athletes (I coach wrestling) the difference that
    weightlifting can make in performance,especially Greco-Roman wrestling.
    UCLA coach John Wooden often talked about “Leaps in Performance” well, get
    on a lifting program and you will likely have one. Just my two cents, but
    it is rooted in 20 years of coaching athletes with a similar system.

  16. Marvin John Towler

    Very informative. I began Olympic style weightlifting a few weeks ago. It’s
    reassuring to know that it does take a while to obtain the proper form.
    Thank you!

  17. What are the main muscles this works .I play football and my coach has
    always told me clean and jerk is a versatile work out. But why?

  18. Schylar Massenzio

    How can u start Olympic weightlifting? I do it for my school but I want to
    take it further

  19. just what I needed/just what I need. can’t afford a gym membership now but
    I have weight @home when I attempt this move I get this twinge in my right
    wrist. I attribute this to technique not to lbs because i only have maybe
    100lbs on the bar. suggestions, please. thanks

  20. When the first guy Jerks, his back heal was all the way down to the floor.
    I was told that it is dangerous to do so. What is your opinion on this?

  21. Dr Erik (with a K) Miller is also very informative. He is the coach of the
    world renowned Malvern Preparatory School Elite Weightlifting Team. He
    hasn’t sprinted in three years.

  22. AbsoluteyAmerican

    I am a competitive olympic lifter, and I am just recovering from a bad
    injury. I just did a PR at 310 on my C&J, but because of my injury I lost
    all flexibility In my shoulders and back for the snatch. No matter how hard
    I train my legs and clean, I can’t seem to push beyond 310 right now. If
    anyone has any good suggestions on what i could possibly do to I am open to
    suggestions. Also, if anyone has any suggestions on what I could do to gain
    flexibility back for the snatch besides normal stretching and doing the
    lift I am open to suggestions.

  23. yes, the arms should no purpose other than assisting pulling under the bar.
    This should not be confused with arm pulling at the hip extension, this is
    bad practice and will contribute to missed attempts. When the arms pull
    during the extension, the body will naturally end up moving forward and
    onto the toes causing the bar to be caught forward or not at all.

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