Olympic Weightlifting – Heroes

Fuck super powers! These Olympic Weightlifters have become World Heroes by doing what they do best; Olympic Weightlifting!
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25 thoughts on “Olympic Weightlifting – Heroes”

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  3. @kamransobranos I know! I want to make a video with Team Iran: Salimi,
    Anoushiravani, Rezazadeh; The Russian Bear, Chigishev; and the Soviet
    Freak, Kurlovich. I’m busy with college and haven’t done new weightlifting
    videos =-(

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  5. Men your videos blow my mind out i get chills and all pumped up with this
    olympic series of videos. Name the song please

  6. ahmeddalshammari

    lol thats chigishev he looks alot different in the video clip plus he looks
    smaller than in olympics

  7. kamransobranos

    chigishev?? hm , he s not so so bad , but he must be tired from standing in
    secund and thirth place pouour man , u forgot to put some lifts from the
    number one hehehehe

  8. Pablo Lara seen at 1:24, best lifter ever to come from the Western
    hemisphere and power cleaned 2.5 x body weight, 190K at 76K!!

  9. ViolentObesity

    That’s a 335 kg total for snatch and c+j his nickname is pocket hercules
    because kilo for kilo he is the best that ever lived. His sinclare total is
    500 which is the best in the world.

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