25 thoughts on “Olympic Weightlifting Goliaths! 105 kg Beasts!”

  1. @TheWHITEDEVIL1488 probably more due to athletically gifted blacks playing
    pro sports instead of wasting their talents on olympic weightlifting, which
    pays exactly dick.

  2. @uglybob69 Real world record holders in C&J is Leonid Taranenko 266kg, in
    snatch Antonio Krastev 216kg. And there was many others who was close to
    this results, Kurlovich, Pisarenko, Zakharevich and many other athletes.
    White is better in weightlifting, thats a reality, black people dominate in
    sprint. No racism, just statistics

  3. twixcookiebars22

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  4. smoothCriminal

    @TheWHITEDEVIL1488 And the record holder for +105 belongs to… None of
    these guys! Lol Look it up

  5. twixcookiebars22

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  6. This video was released in January 16, but was blocked worldwide s-= But
    now it’s back!

  7. @TheWHITEDEVIL1488 Why so mad? Black man have sex with your wife or
    something? Or just a poor white kid and decided that minorities are the
    reason you suck instead of your own lack of intelligence, skill or
    motivation? Either way, you’re so ridiculous you’re a parody of yourself.
    I’d say find something more productive to do with your time. Also the world
    record holder in the clean and jerk as well as snatch is an Iranian Muslim.
    So I guess you’re wrong on your original statement. Sorry.

  8. donald donaldson

    @TheWHITEDEVIL1488 wow, you’re STILL trolling on this video like weeks
    later. Seriously, you need a fucking hobby you racist moron.

  9. @avestak I know, I was watching it live!! Freaking epic!! This is the 105
    kg class NOT the +105 kg though 😉 I like Chigishev, Salimi in the +105 kg
    and Kurlovich and Pisarenko in the +110 kg (this division doesn’t exist

  10. @savarkarr Killer Instinct – select theme. It is an awesome fighting
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  11. It’s been awhile since I made a weightlifting video. Maybe I’ll soon
    release a video for team Russia or the super heavyweights =-)

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