Olympic Weightlifting – For the Love of the Game

Olympic Weightlifting - For the Love of the Game

Olympic weightlifting to “For the Love of the Game” by Pillar. Features lifters from the past and present who are willing to give it all for the love of the …

25 thoughts on “Olympic Weightlifting – For the Love of the Game”

  1. @skateking14 Depends what u want – want BUFF or CUT – not for you! Want
    immense functional strength that no BUFFY guy can ever dream about – YES
    for you!

  2. @TheExalTeDGuy Ask any sports scientist. Olympic lifters are way stronger
    way faster way more powerful and way more coordinated than football
    players. I’m sorry but they are too busy dominating Olympic lifting to
    bother with football. P.S. In the Mexico city olympics they found that
    Olympic Lifters had a better 40 time than the sprinters and a better
    vertical than the high jumpers. Also I should mention if you want to get
    faster/stronger for football you should be doing the olympic lifts…….

  3. @countrylifterdw My joke may have been out of line, but I disagree with
    your statement about which lifters are stronger. First of all clearly these
    are similar sports, but both train completely different. It’s like
    comparing swimmers to marathon runners. Second, powerlifters are able to
    move weight well over a thousand lbs. Powerlifting is the name of the game,
    it’s not just a word.

  4. never understood why power lifters dont like olympic style lifting and why
    olympic style lifters dont like power lifting… ive completed in both and
    love them equally. the amount of dedication and sacrifice is equal in both
    sports and in the states neither are very popular… bottom line, cant we
    all just get along lol.

  5. @TheExalTeDGuy Last comment. If you think they aren’t elite and are
    Overrated, plz post a video of yourself snatching over 150kg(even some
    women can do that) If you do I will come to your house and give you $5000
    cash. And they do make millions outside of North America, they are treated
    like royalty on the other side of the atlantic. Rezazadeh was offered
    around 10mil to lift for turkey one time(04 Olympics), his wedding was a
    national television event in Iran. P.S. I love Football.

  6. I don’t know how it’s humanly possible for the clavical bone to achieve the
    level of density enough to support this sort of weight.

  7. @skateking14 thats becuz its for performance and not show… there legs
    undergo very short time in tension but that creates explosiveness thats
    really amazing… look at Pyrros Dimas.

  8. Pure Shit. If you want to get strong join a club of a strength sport you
    like (weightlifting, strongman, powerlifting, disc throwing…) and forgot
    that internet shit.

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