Olympic Weightlifting Common Error #2: Improper Start Position

Olympic Weightlifting Common Error #2: Improper Start Position

Two of seven in a series of preview videos for Waxman’s Gym new clinic: Troubleshooting Common Errors in the Olympic Lifts. Contact us at info@waxmansgym.com…
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Olympic Coaching Tips: Back Squat and Front Squat

Learn about Olympic weightlifting! Jim Schmitz, 3-time coach of the U.S. Olympic Weightlifting team, teaches The Front Squat and Back Squat. In slow motion a…

25 thoughts on “Olympic Weightlifting Common Error #2: Improper Start Position”

  1. cerealforthewhale

    So for both the front and back everything below the waist form-wise is the

  2. Odd, I have my elbows up much more on the front squats. I know I couldn’t
    clean in that sort of position, so I don’t front squat in that position.
    Interesting tutorial, however.

  3. I want to get recruited/join an american lifting team. I’m in the Chicago
    area, 24 yrs old about 5’9″ about 200lbs.

    I can back squat 547 (HB) and pull 564(pr). My best OHP was 215lbs, but
    this was about three months ago.

    I want to compete seriously, but have no idea how to get involved, or even
    I would even be considered just for my age (which seems like crap to me). I
    used to compete in powerlifting but bench is not kind to my shoulder so I
    have stopped. I want to pursue O lifting.

    What would I have to get my lifts up to to seriously interest a coach or
    team? I have little experience with the lifts themselves, although I have
    been trying to teach them to myself.

    Any help? I just moved here from Arizona and literally know nobody… 

  4. What if you keep falling backwards?! (I’m a huge gym rat but never squatted
    much at all & now Im trying to change that) Should some1 use wood
    underneath their heels? Is it a flexibility issue? Some1 help 🙁 

  5. Olympic squats seem like. When I squat I focus on my hips going back rather
    than my body going straight down.

  6. Any tips on mobility?
    When I do Front Squats, my wrists really hurt as I add more weight. 

  7. Hey Coach Jim- ever hear of this Sungaporean coach Chuan Fu, where he says
    to move your knees and quads slightly inward as you’re ascending? It’s
    helped my hip pain and low back pain a lot too- I used to move my quads
    wider ascending and it started killing my hips

  8. Jacqueline Hofer

    I am female and VERY flexible. I’m told that I shouldn’t squat so low but
    am comfortable going deep in my squat. When I add on the weight I sometimes
    bottom out. Is this a technique problem or am I trying to do too much
    weight in my front or back squat? thanks

  9. Back squats don’t help at all with your lifts unless you do them right! The
    only real way to get your legs stronger is to do the Russian squat program!

  10. i just attempted to do high bar squat. pretty tough. so use to doing a low
    bar type of squat. 

  11. Couldn’t they use a model w/a better rack position? This guy’s elbows are
    almost pointing straight down. I’m sure he’s still a good athlete but I
    think it shows a bad example.

  12. Hello Coach Schmitz, Can you please do a video on proper deadlift
    technique? I have heard many different things from many different people
    and I think learning the technique from a video like this would be very
    helpful! Thank you!

  13. “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a
    habit.” — Aristotle agreed not the most weight lifted in his class but
    brings his best every time

  14. CanditoTrainingHQ

    Exactly, just a poorly done video. Some coaches are so caught up in the
    advanced methods that when it comes to explaining the basics, they forget
    how to do it

  15. I have trouble getting down to the right depth in my squat. Not because of
    weakness but flexibility. Besides hamstring stretches , what do you suggest
    to increase the ability to reach end range depth?

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