Olivia Wilde Sexy Abs Workout

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25 thoughts on “Olivia Wilde Sexy Abs Workout”

  1. I do this workout everyday now, and I already see and feel the difference!
    Thank you so much for this vid! X

  2. Great workout. I really felt the burn! To bad that you don’t upload videos
    here anymore… Where do you upload now?

  3. It was my first day doing your workout and i loved it I just hada baby 6
    weeks ago and im ready to get back my flat Stomach i hope you workout helps
    me even if its only 10min a day mabey twice a day later on

  4. I absolutely love this!!! I learned new moves and it was burning real
    hard!!! thank you!!! 

  5. Daniela Gracia Rubiano

    It almost made me cry! Yes, I felt the burn, Rebecca!! I loved this one. 

  6. alison burnham

    Best ab workout hast to be my favorite! It burns and I like it thanx for
    the workout

  7. johannafirefly

    #icanfeeltheburnrebecca well i think that if i say “i sincerelly wanted
    to kill you” it means that i’ve just had a GREAT workout and of course…
    YOU ARE AMAZING!!! thank you so much, i have been doing your workouts for a
    while now and i can definitely see a huge difference!! THANK YOU SO

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