Old Olympic Weightlifting Film Footage

Of Doug Dillingham, Dennis Childers, Glenn Middleton, Eric Nofsinger, Ben Green, Glen Wood, Dale Rhoades, Michael Cohen, Howard Cohen, Lamar Hamilton, Joe Gi…

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29 thoughts on “Old Olympic Weightlifting Film Footage”

  1. The guy in the background is Mark Lemenager–one of the greatest Olympic
    Weightlifting coaches ever!!!

  2. Do you make these mistakes in your diets? Just go and Google Morsch Muscle
    Madness to find out.

  3. That’s just a pic I found on google, lol. But yes, it would be awesome if I
    had a son that did Olympic or powerlifting.

  4. Well they are women. And for a woman what they lift is pretty impressive.
    The bars on those weights weigh 45lbs, and most women struggle with that at
    first. Most women, even if they work at it, will never be able to bench
    more than 75lbs, and will never be able to jerk or deadlift more than
    80lbs. These women can do up to 250lbs, So have some respect.

  5. Perfect body. Great arms, powerful legs, and a most beautiful ass. Best
    part is she’s Spanish! I love my Spanish sisters.

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