OFFICIAL HD Let’s Move! “Move Your Body” Music Video with Beyoncé – NABEF


Beyoncé’s “Move Your Body” video for the NABEF’s Let’s Move! Flash Workout. Participate at and In …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Dance Exercise for Kids danceX Fitness Workout for kids

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50 thoughts on “OFFICIAL HD Let’s Move! “Move Your Body” Music Video with Beyoncé – NABEF”

  1. TheRareMariahCarey

    Watch 3:19! Beyoncé says “Now run to the left, to the left, to the left!”
    Beyoncé ran to the right.

  2. Nini Williams

    The original song for this video was “Get me bodied ” by beyonce. She needs
    more views than what she has so please share

  3. Jorge Herrera

    Que padreeeeee me hubiera encantado haber participado…Move your body

  4. I feel like I would break my heels if I danced like that in high heels. But
    then again I can’t even walk in heels lol.

  5. “Can you dougie with me? Throw your own lil swag on the swizzy beat…”
    Happy Friday!

  6. Marite Rossi

    Beyoncé is the only one who can wear green fluo stockings and get away with
    it!! She’s just fabulous!

  7. Shefa Khairullah

    My school always makes a remix of this (teachers instead of kids) after the
    talent show before Christmas brake

  8. David Kenniston

    God I wish I could dance… even simple choreography like this is beyond me

  9. OpalCutie (pinkyblackish)

    omg with that elbowing move they could just say “let me dance near you” and
    POW!!!! elbowed you right in the face! hahaha

  10. priscamolotsi

    I would like to see a little more leg movement there, get the kids really
    moving around like they do naturally in the playgrounds.

  11. @Starr5495 In my opinion, “C”apital letters like “X”.. should probably not
    be used in websites that are visited by kids ….Please pass it on. be safe!

  12. i think it iz hilarious “oh here comes the cowboy! yea! yea…… hop on
    the chicken! here comes the chicken!” lol

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