Nils Fearons is Scott Herman’s fitness goals for 2014 winner!!! & Leg day!

So pleased to have won the competition! Not so pleased with my deadlifts!

How To: Dumbbell Shrug

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28 thoughts on “Nils Fearons is Scott Herman’s fitness goals for 2014 winner!!! & Leg day!”

  1. Scott, which is more effective for trap mass- the db shrug or the wide
    grip barbell shrug?

  2. I contract my bicep when I shrugin,the girls love it and the mens mirin

    I know it rhyme so cool I shoud rap more

  3. +Scott Herman is the producer of this video!! check it out how to do proper
    shrugs!!! I did these yesterday until +Robert Cuadro nicely told me i was
    doing them wrong!! lol

  4. I’m more of a visual person so you’re how to videos really helped when
    trying to figure out the proper form and technique. Words and static
    pictures in the mags just ain’t enough for me. Thanks.

  5. SmittyWerbenjager Manjenson

    Hey Scott, good channel, I saw you did the APFT (army physical fitness
    test) on one of your videos. Would you be interested in making a video of
    you running a Marine Corps PFT? Pullups Crunches and 3 mile run. In order
    to max is 20 pullups (any grip you want) 100 crunches in 2 minutes or less
    and 3 mile run in 18:00 or less.

  6. I’ve always wondered though … how many reps should I do cuz typically the
    forearms get tired before the traps. Should we lift heavy and do 3sets 6-8
    reps, or 3 sets 15+reps

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