My Tricks: Reverse Lat Pulldown

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25 thoughts on “My Tricks: Reverse Lat Pulldown”

  1. I really wanted to hear this guy say, “Now remember don’t cheat…OR I’LL
    FUCKING KILL YOU…Okay, thanks for watching! :)”

  2. To the less mentally gifted people commenting on how this is unnecessary
    and stupid, please keep in mind that not all machines look the same. I have
    come across some machines where this is a problem, where the pads are too
    low. Haven’t tried this trick though, always used a spotter to pull me down
    or used metal clips to extend the cable.

  3. BallsDeep InJack

    @TheLAGFX that I do 😉 stand up, put your legs under the thing, and pull
    yourself down. NOBODY jumps like thatt, looks completely stupid, and is
    sure to damage your back someday

  4. BallsDeep InJack

    just put your legs under the “pillows”, and pull yourself down. There is no
    need making yourself look stupid

  5. another gr8 vid form you. was wondering if some guys do not have the luxury
    of working out with these machines, you have got something for them also.

  6. Wow. Fabulous movie. My younger brother was once a fatty. He remodeled his
    body from 279lbs of pure fat to 208lbs of massive lean muscle. Shit’s
    outrageous! I just joined personally as I must strengthen my whole body. He
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  7. ScottHermanFitness

    @liam8358 beginners wont be using that much weight.. remember? they are

  8. I’m waiting for the hack squat video. I’ve been wanting to try it but it
    looks very intimidating. I also don’t know what the “proper etiquette”
    (don’t know what else to call it) is for using machines where you have to
    load plates on. Advice on that please Scotty-boy? 🙂

  9. Did you really need to make a video on how to SET UP for lat pulldown? You
    only need to use a little bit of momentum if the weight is more than your

  10. I get the weight in my hands, and put the tips of my knees under the knee
    pads, then kind of ab crunch it down to sitting. Works for me!

  11. I just have to say, because unlike you, I… (Change of direction) Kudos
    Granda for your current dedication on reading and answering your subs
    comments. Where do you find the time… anyway a commendable effort. I
    don’t even have time to read all the comments you receive. Sometimes the
    dialogue is more informative than the video, ahhhhh, that didn’t come out
    right. A prima facia case of listen to what I mean not what I am saying.
    Thanks for just being there blah, blah, blah… Cheers mate.

  12. SavingPrivateBob

    Very impressive? You should be able to do more than your own weight in 1-2

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