My Tip About Leg Raises That You Probably Didn’t Know

My Tip About Leg Raises That You Probably Didn't Know

Get a ripped Six Pack in record time!: What’s up everybody, It’s Mike and today I’m going to give you a quick tip on Leg Rai…
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25 thoughts on “My Tip About Leg Raises That You Probably Didn’t Know”

  1. Again Chang with his shitty pointless “advice”. From where can I start,
    firstly these aren’t leg raises this is shitty exercise that your grandma
    would do after a physiotherapy session, real hanging leg raises are with
    straight legs and going all the way up till your toes almost touch or are
    close to the hanging bar. Also, abdominal muscles mostly come to play
    between the horizontal with the ground and toes to bar range of motion, so
    basically you just fooling your self if you do this shit.

  2. His abs look like they are on steroids because he puts a lot of work and
    effort into this. Although I also recommend you guys look into Adonis
    System if you would like results like this, but possibly quicker.

  3. Samuel Appiah

    +Six Pack Shortcuts
    Hey Mike, ignore all those stupid haters out there, your workouts are
    engaging, time efficient, and money efficient so keep it up! I just wanted
    to thank-you for helping me reach my summer weight loss goal. Leaving
    school last year, even though I was a soccer player on my school team, I
    was, overweight, chubby, slow and lazy I was 15 years old in grade 9, 5’7
    and 1/2 and 163.5 pounds. So I promised myself that when I come back to
    school with a new wardrobe, i’ll come back to school with a new body as
    well. I started watching some of your workout videos even before school was
    out but I never had time to do them. But when summer started I was able to
    take 4 of your vids (Legs, Arms, Cardio and ab workout) and create an at
    home regiment for the summer. What I liked most is that the workout made me
    sweat like hell, but yet I was only working out for 40 min Mon-Fri. each
    workout was 10 min and 10×4=40. I also took you dieting and nutrition
    tips, like it foods with more fiber to fill up, and I love your trick about
    drinking 2 glasses of water before you it to get fuller quicker! Before I
    knew it my summer shorts where even to loose, I needed to buy smaller ones.
    On sept. 2 when it was back to school time, I weighed and measured myself
    and I weighed 148.5 Pounds and lost 3 inches of my waist. I had lost 15
    POUNDS IN 2 MONTHS IN THE SUMMER, it WAS an amazing experience, and my
    friends were shocked when they saw me coming back to school. With a fresh
    cut, fresh clothes, and fresh abs I looked like a badass. Thank-you for all
    you do Mike, I’ve subscribed to you channel and recommended all my friends
    to as well if there is anything else I can do to help grow your business
    please let me know!! Btw can 15 year old take after burn?
    P.s My City Rexdale in Toronto Canada loves you!!!

  4. Randall Arana

    Hey mike I can notice you’ve gotten leaner can you tell us what changes you
    made to your diet and workout routine 

  5. isolating a isolated movement. Why would would you neglected training your
    core when you do leg raises. The Leg raise is a core exercise, so why
    wouldn’t you train the core stabilizers at the same time.

  6. sorry mike chang ching chink fucking Asian faggot ponytail cocksucking
    bullshit talking no 6 pack ab bitch, I unfortunately already knew this
    technique :/

  7. How about cable crunches?

    Also cut your fucking hair, you don’t look like a ninja you just look like
    an idiot.

  8. Darshana Andrahennadige

    I am envious of your perfect body Mikey! ha ha ha what a nice body you have

  9. I don’t care what people say about Mike and his videos. Be mature and take
    the tip and make it work in whatever way to help you improve. Yes he shows
    half reps here. But the whole key tip he’s trying to teach is to use
    something that can help catch you at the bottom so that you’re not swinging
    your body so much and your arms don’t get tired as fast. He’s just trying
    to help you get better. This definitely helped me improve ap on my own
    hanging leg raises. After just a week, I can do them longer and slower with
    the full contraction now; just because I found a bar at the gym low enough
    to where I can place my toes on the ground. Thanks Mike, helped a lot. 

  10. Guys seriously – get a life. If you got so much time to waste hating on a
    youtube video then your not serious about your health or workout technique.
    I mean fuck me go train if you know it all why you wasting time watching
    this if it’s so beneath you? Who give a shit if it reaches so many views?
    Regarding the actual vid – it’s foundation advice which I can bet just
    about none of the haters here ever got when they started out or have the
    mental capacity to figure out for themselves … everything is about
    progression, building on the basics to a more advanced level – but you can
    never let go of your foundation or skip it no matter how ‘advanced’ you get
    cos the rest will fail from the ground up. Just like a serious Martial
    Artist – anyone truly SERIOUS about training for size, strength,
    conditioning etc. will take what is useful, be grateful and leave the rest
    alone – why? cos they have more important things to do with their time like
    getting out there and putting it into practice. Mike Chang, once again a
    great reminder of the things we should be mindful of in our training. 

  11. No offense but all of your talk about “people are amazed at how much food I
    eat, you don’t have to starve yourself to get cut” is well, HORSE POOP!!!
    You are genetically inclined to be thin. That’s like me saying you don’t
    have to eat a bunch and train hard to squat 600 or bench 450! Which comes
    pretty easy for myself. But I have to train my ass off and eat super clean
    to cut body fat! BTW WHAT ARE YOUR BENCH SQUAT AND DEAD PB? It’s all about
    genetics and how you eat dude. Good Luck with your channel! 

  12. shadowlinklink

    Hi my arms ache like mad and I feel something being pulled whilst doing my
    workout I am 15 years old and it hurts my head like mad can someone tell me
    why this is? (Using dumbbells)

  13. Every girl will fuck this guy cheat on there husbands and boyfriends just
    to fuck him badly I know why it’s 2014 that’s why 

  14. What ya can do is to move that bar close to the wall, in that way your body
    won’t rock back..

  15. To be fair to him this is actually a perfectly good exercise for lower
    abdominals. On the contrary.. I used to think Mike Chang was a legit
    trainer who actually had real training advice and was a knowledgeable
    person. Then I found out that he’s a fraud. He said this in one of his
    training videos once and I quote “You don’t need to worry about having big
    quads/legs cause people are only gonna see them if you’re wearing shorts”.
    He goes on in that same video to talk about all sorts of other bullshit
    things including showing off some terrible, terrible form on chin ups. I
    don’t usually complain this badly about someone on a youtube video but this
    guy deserves it because he is giving people unrealistic expectations and
    terrible training advice. Mike Chang is nothing more than a money hungry

    I recommend anyone that is following his videos to stop watching him and
    start following a man named “Elliot Hulse”. He does strongman type training
    including some bodybuilding stuff and to say he is a far more knowledgeable
    man than Mike Chang would be an understatement. Anyway, peace out <3

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