My supplements to build lean muscle

My supplements to build lean muscle

Beginners are able to gain lean muscle while cutting body fat. I was at YO ELLIOTS channel and learned that even after that first year it is still possible j…

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  1. Bettina M. Felton

    In 2 month later on, you certainly could obtain 10 lbs in muscle & lose 5
    To 10 pounds in fat. All you need is a verified workout program, correct
    nutrition plan & begin immediately.

  2. What the hell is wrong with you , fix your uneven abs bro , pay attention
    to his abs , not straight even , Lol shame

  3. Do you make these dangerous mistakes in your workout regimen? Go and Google
    Muscle Maker Method to find out.

  4. Lean….no…mass is the way I go. I when from being lean to serious
    mass…lean is ok for some that what a lean look..but me I like mass…

  5. Hi, I’m a female who started working out a year ago to get more toned and
    lean. I have definately changed my body however I’m now looking to gain
    more muscle in my legs. I don’t know of you have more detailed videos on
    pre work out meals and post workout but if you don’t what do you recommend?
    I know you mentioned a few supplements here, but can you be a little more
    specific as to how much time before you workout should you take these? Also
    what excersises are best to work abs?? Please post short workout videos
    with some abs and leg workouts. Thanks

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    google Fat Blast Factor to activate it.

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    spot On there you will find a helpful free video by a
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    weight. It helped Cheryl to eliminate her stomach fat. I will probably give
    it a shot. It may help you out too.

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    useful free video demonstrating the best way to pack on visible muscle mass
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  9. lose weight, i’m trying to gain. i’m about 11 stone and i’m looking to get
    to 13 stone of bulk (14lbs to a st)

  10. Wtf man O_o When you said ”my wings” I was like ”yeah sure” and then 3
    seconds later ”wtf he really did grow wings”. Good progress dude keep it
    up. I’ve decided to start weightlifting as well even though I’ve got back
    issues (disease) and this vid is good inspiration!

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