My supplement stack – what to take to build muscle and gain mass

My supplement stack - what to take to build muscle and gain mass

My supplement stack. Optimum nutrition whey, serious mass, preworkout and creatine monohydrate.

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  1. yeah. I see the same comment on every lifting or supplement video. They
    just change who told them about it…Sometimes its the dad, sister,
    brother, and in your case father in law.

  2. I will for sure throw out my jack3d didnt know people died because of the
    content. Also why do u take whey and serious mass? dont they do the same

  3. Hiya, have you seen Max Muscle Extend? (search for it on Google) You will
    find out about the serious crimes we commit against ourselves. With Max
    Muscle Extend, you will discover how to build muscle quickly.

  4. Glad I came across you video. I will for sure throw out my jack3d! Why do
    you take whey and serious mass doesn’t one do the same thing as the other??

  5. My classmates laughed when I told them I would build muscle with “Smashing
    Ripped X”, but then they saw the results. Go Google Smashing Ripped X to
    see their reaction. (You should see their shock!)

  6. the people that died from DMAA were doing windsprints in the desert and
    their hearts basically exploded from a combination of the stimulants, heat,
    and amount of gear they were wearing.

  7. You should eat the same diet each day. Be sure to hit your macros. I drink
    it everyday because it is part of my diet plan. Be sure to track the
    calories you’re taking in. If you’re trying to lose fat and gain muscle,
    then I would highly recommend tracking everything you eat to find what
    works for you, as far as caloric intake. You still want to get about 200g
    of protein each day.

  8. I have a DOUBT and pliz I beg somebody to tell me… I bought the dymatize
    “SUPER AMINO 6000” thinking that I can get more mass, I already take 1
    scoop of whey ON protein before and after my training, but, Ive just found
    out that whey has already the BCCA so…. what is super amino for? will I
    get bigger If I drink it along with the protein? pliz help what should I
    buy to get bigger and ripped?

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    watch a smart free video explaining how you can develop noticeable lean
    muscle fast whilst losing excess fat at the same time. Kev and plenty other
    guys enjoyed great results applying this strategy. I hope it will work for
    you as well.

  10. If you have been trying to burn fat fast, you should do a google search
    Shape X Booster. You are bound to get the body you deserve.

  11. Craze was my favorite but jack3d is more accessible. White flood was great
    but it stopped working after I got halfway through a container of it. I
    have not tried the one you mentioned. Is it any good?

  12. careful. I dont wana hear when ur 52 ur in chemotherapy because ur prostate
    swelled up on you. Stay away from these industrial waste products.

  13. moniruzzman shuvo

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  15. I use to run this build. I had around 700 all res 55k health 2.4-2.6attack
    speed don’t remember a exactly 182k dps unbuffed and I absolutely couldn’t
    die unless I was being stupid. I wish I still had my gear but sadly I sold
    it and bought gear for my bro and a friend so they could do mp10.

  16. something is wrong here , you have tooo much damage … i have almost the
    same items with the same int but i have only 50k damage

  17. How do you get around the cooldown? My cooldowns on frost nova and diamond
    skin are 15 seconds long. You’re spamming them every second. How?

  18. Wow dude you are the man!! I only spent about 100mil tried to duplicate
    much as I can from your video gear wise. Damn it’s fun as hell!! Btw I
    never played anything but a barb in d3. I’m not stomping mp10 but mp9 is
    good enough for me for paragon lvling

  19. Press Escape > Options > Gameplay > Then place a check in the box that says
    “Elective Mode”. That will allow you to customize your skill bar similar to
    the videos.

  20. i dont use anything. i just hold all three abilities buttons down cept
    tornado ( i spam that) and for some reason it triggers all the other
    abilities on cd as long as they are held down. so you only gotta spam one
    button. saves and finger fatigue lol

  21. I dont get the same hotkeys or even remotely can choose the same skills as
    you. Why does blizz make it so hard? =/

  22. i dont need damage, i need IAS and crit which is why i went with the
    weapons i did. with glass cannon on im at 260k dps ish, which is more then
    plenty. and with the IAS i got, its a supernova shitstorm when it gets
    rolling lol. its so fun . almost 3 attacks a second is insane

  23. ” Im only level 4 paragon and I solo these mobs ” Like that makes a
    difference when you have such good gear.

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