My Powerlifting Home Gym Setup

Recent training. Built my own place for powerlifting. Equipped with EliteFTS 3×3 professional power rack. 8 foot long Texas squat bar. Original Texas deadlif…
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25 thoughts on “My Powerlifting Home Gym Setup”

  1. I came to see the Home gym but… Man, I was in shock watching your lifts.
    You do not only look like a beast, your are one (in a good meaning :P:)
    Btw, Do you do any others exercices than Bench, Squat and DL? I mean
    auxiliary exercices. Cheers!

  2. Hey nice setup. I was thinking of getting the horse stall mats for alot of
    jump roping. Would you say they absorb the impact for roping? Or would ya
    say they feel like jumping on concrete? 

  3. GlutesOf Glory

    Great video! I am about to set up mine. Also it’s rare to see a shredded

  4. Hey man, Building my own garage gym.. Is there anything you wish u bought
    and anything u regret buying.. Thanks 

  5. Awesome setup man, how do you find elitefts’s rack working for you, space
    wise for walking weight out and just in general? Also how much did you pay
    for the 8ft texas bar and the rack, as i know elitefts have alot of
    varients of this rack. Thanks shep

  6. martyjanderson

    What elite rack is that? Is it the collegiate rack…how does it feel
    benching out of a power rack? Seems would feel a bit off from
    regular bench press rack

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