My Plans – Powerlifting vs Bodybuilding

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25 thoughts on “My Plans – Powerlifting vs Bodybuilding”

  1. First, NWB – Bodybuilding
    Now, NWP – Power lifting
    Next, NWC – Crossfit, yeeeeaaaahhhh

  2. What’s funnier is that the criticism you get about your physique comes from
    other guys, not girls. Bodybuilding (esp when you compete) is a beauty
    pageant for other MEN.
    I’d rather focus on increasing my 1RM than focus on having another inch on
    my arms. ‘Cuz what benefit do you have of “looking good?” A lot of girls
    aren’t even into that body type of being shredded to the fuckin’ bone.
    You’re mainly pleasing other guys that are trying to achieve that physique
    as well. Idk, just my 2 cents on bodybuilding vs powerlifting. It’s
    just…more fun. It’s not like you’re gunna look bad if you focus on PL,

  3. Could not agree more. I actually did a video on this. As a Cyclist I got
    ZERO respect because I am not BIG! 108% of the sissy’s talking that shit
    would crack and have their heart explode in their chest and or quit within
    10 min of riding with me. The hardest sport on earth, but no respect? Now I
    am going to get MASSIVE and watch these people change as I block and ban
    them as they do!

  4. Great video nick, i myself switched from Bodybuilding to Powerlifting after
    discovering the dark side of bodybuilding such as the politics and large
    amount of drugs, i found their was so little comradery in bodybuilding just
    people looking down on you, powerlifting its like a club everyone helps
    each other out to help one another achieve their goals which is much
    greater than being criticised by small little body parts or form.. 

  5. IM sorry nick but ive been a HUGE fan of yours since day one ima inspiring
    bodybuilder and you say bodybuilders aren’t strong cant fight cant lift
    heavy etc but what about power lifter ok so maybe u can POWER lift 1 rep of
    800 pounds but what else? you cant fight you cant have a great physique
    there’s 2 sides of the coin and honestly i rather squat 300 pounds for 12
    reps of 3 sets than to squat 600 pounds for 1 rep 2 max….ima keep
    watching you’re videos because i always been a fan but just remember
    there’s 2 sides of every coin 

  6. Dude that’s a really good point Nick. It’s almost like alot of physique/BB
    competitors use their physique as a shield to hide whats on the inside.
    That’s honestly true, I may have been guilty of that in the past.

  7. BadAssBlackOverlord

    But aren’t all of these top level power lifters on steroids? Someone please
    answer because I feel Nick is playing a losing battle from the get go.

  8. You talk about trends in fitness. To me, Athletics is the real deal. And
    probably the next big one. Im talking about Olympic lifting, sprinting,
    jumping. EXPLOSIVENESS. No point in being strong but slow imo,
    explosiveness is the shit. No better feeling than jumping 40 inches in the
    air, or running like a cheetah. You talk about fighting as a measure of
    athleticism too. GUARANTEE an explosive person will destroy a strong
    powerlifter any time in a fight. Red muscle fibers (fast-twitch) > white
    (slow twitch, powerflifting). 

  9. Yeah, it bothers me when people call BB a sport. It’s a competition, not a
    sport. A competition relies on a judges opinion as to whom the winner is.
    That doesn’t mean it’s not athletic. Figure skating is a competition too
    and skaters train ridiculously hard.

    A sport is different. A sport has referees, but they don’t decide the
    winner. They just make sure everyone follows the rules. The winner of a
    sport is determined by who had the better score at the end.

    The thing that’s turning me off BB, is the lack of athleticism. I know we
    all joke about Crossfit, but at least at Crossfit games, they actually
    perform and use their muscles. The same goes for football. The players lift
    weights, but it’s for performance and functional strength. BB is just about
    getting bigger and looking better. I want to see someone train so their
    muscles can perform and do something.

    Keep this in mind – when a power lifter, or foot ball player, or
    crossfitter is doing their sport, they are at their height of physical
    ability. They are the strongest and fastest they can be and they perform.
    When a bodybuilder is at his competition, he’s weak, He’s dehydrated, he
    doesn’t have any carbs, and he’s exhausted. Tell him to walk off stage and
    lift something or run some distance and he’ll pass out. For me, the purpose
    of lifting weights and going to the gym is not only to look good, but to be
    athletic and perform better. I want my muscles to do something better than
    someone else. I want to be stronger and run faster and longer. I don’t want
    to just be able to flex better than the guy next to me.

    This is why I like strongman competitions. The guys are huge and have
    ridiculous muscle, but their muscles are actually working to perform some

  10. I am 16 151lbs and a striving powerlifter. My Maxes are 135lb Bench 265lb
    Deadlift and 185 Squat. I know this is not good but I have only been
    training for 6 months and was messing with bullshit bodybuilding pump
    workouts for the first 5 months now I am following Johnny Canditos Linear
    program and loving it. Glad to see you are getting into it too Nick you are
    a big motivation for me man. Thanks

  11. Richard Johnston

    Power lifting is so much more of a real sport than body building as it’s
    actually about human performance…Numbers > Appearance

  12. OfficialDReck856

    definitely losing respect from this video bashing bodybuilding. I just
    think you can’t put in the work and the diet to achieve an acceptable

  13. Hi Nick, My name is Steve and I’m a married 34 year old Dad of 3 beautiful
    girls that lives in the UK. First off let me say that I really like your
    videos. I’m an ex-rugby player and over the last 6 months have gotten into
    bodybuilding. I like the way you don’t chat shit and get to the point. On
    alcohol, steroids, and in this video insecurity issues for instance. I’m
    bodybuilding for me, but there is a little insecurity in there. I think
    there is in everyone. I understand that you’re fed up with the haters in
    the bodybuilding system let’s say but it’s not everyone that’s a dick. The
    people that put you down on facebook and YouTube was always gonna be dicks
    regardless of if they stepped into a gym or not. Which a lot of these
    pricks won’t have :). Anyway I’ve learnt a lot from your vids. Well done
    with them and thanks. Good luck with the powerlifting. 

  14. IMO both powerlifters and bodybuilders both have the same psychological
    problems however from being both at one point i’d say a bodybuilder places
    all of his self worth in his physique and if he was to explain who he is he
    would start with his muscles therefore can feel very threatened when
    someone else has a superior physique as that person can seem as a ‘better
    human’ whereas id say powerlifter uses heavy weight training more as a
    hobby, escape whatever you want to call it and therefore has no reason to
    feel threatened by someone else…just my 2 cents, what y’all think? :)

  15. Lol your just talking about bodybuilding like that cause your not into it
    anymore and just like u say bodybuilding Is just all about looks and have
    nothing to brag about maybe they don’t give a fuck to lift heavy and fuck
    their joints up or hurt themselves like u did dead lifting a while back lol
    yeah powerlifters can lift heavy but most look like shit lol 

  16. your accidental comments about yoru girlfriends were fucking hilarious,

    “so what you look good, my girlfriend looks good with make up on”

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