My Leg Workout- Scott Herman

My Leg Workout- Scott Herman

(0:39)- Routine Sets & Reps (0:45)- Squat (4:34)- Smith Machine- Hack Squat (6:47)- Leg Extension (8:52)- Single-Leg Extension (10:27)- Seated Leg Curl (11:3…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

(0:27)- Routine Sets & Reps (0:42)- Dumbbell Military Press (3:37)- Dumbbell Lateral Raise (6:56)-Dumbbell Front Raise (10:14)- Rear Deltoid (LF) (13:16)- Ba…

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  3. Douglas Brandtman

    you said you like to hold the handle differently on the leg extension machine so your butt doesnt come up.. yet every rep your butt cam off the seat hahah

  4. There’s a lot of advice out there, and I’m not going to go against Scott for his teachings, as there are things I disagree with, but hey, he’s the one out there making the videos that will somehow help someone out there. The ONE thing I want to point out in this video that I disagree with is = Rotating the angle of your damn calf raises only rotates your entire hip. Think about it – it doesn’t target different angles/muscles in your calves. That is pointless.

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  6. I have such a man crush on u Scott Herman u are an inspiration to me and your workouts are so intense and u give such good advice and ur entertaining keep the good stuff coming!!!!!!!

  7. Probably because the bar is lower on his back than normal making his hands in an awkward position. Any lower and he may drop the bar.

  8. Anthony Nicholls

    When half of you blokes get sponsored by anyone or especially BSN, then criticise Scott. In the mean time, make your own videos, get bulk likes for them and go away. Sure his technique looks not as well as his current videos but who are you guys to judge?

  9. Oddzy Boomtown

    half arsed attempts at squats.. the weight he loaded on the machine/bar i dont see him doing multiple sets as he was broken on his “demo” set and often really struggling half way through it.. if he done his squats better he wouldnt need all those other bullshit machines he was doing.. This guy is to hollywood… like a fake rolex watch

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  11. Is it just me or are his squats pretty bad. I’m no pro but its not the same as others I’ve seen. These are to shallow and he’s damn near doing good mornings.

  12. Hey scott. Awesome workout. Been a fan since blood and sand… it works for real….. thank u for the excellence that u devote to your workouts….. I promise to take it to mine and soon my own clients….. one day I hope I will consider mentoring me… be blessed

  13. haha @ all the people complaining about his squat, which to me looked fine.

    I’d love to see you guys get his physique

  14. Why all the haters? If you don’t like his method don’t use it. Keep training Scott, haters gonna hate.

  15. Alex Blaine Layder

    Are there any alternatives to the Seated and Single leg curls? In Holland we don’t have huge gyms like that so we don’t have all the equipment you have, for example the ones you use for the leg curls

  16. Huỳnh Hoàng Vỹ

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  17. Scott, did you make a wam-up set before this or you start your workout with a weight as heavy as you can for 8 reps?

  18. Perhaps not so much bad for the joints but a hindrance to recovery and growth, it’s a very stressful workout.

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  20. Nazmul hassan oney

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  21. I would not encourage anyone to use drop sets on a continuous basis as the routines are very hard on the body and recovery, over time, could become an issue. This is a routine you might do once a month or so.

  22. Is it really that hard for google to set up a spam filter for the comments that catches the same expressions these spammers use over and over again? SMH.

  23. ClownKiller6262

    Your back isnt flat against the pad like you say to have it when you’re military pressing

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  25. Dudes not that small but he isn’t that big. I really think people need to start respecting functional anatomy more. Not everyone wants to me Ronnie Coleman who is big for show. I agree he isn’t in perfect form so maybe he should scale back the “expert” like speech

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