My First Full USAPL Powerlifting Meet – Raw Footage

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

43 thoughts on “My First Full USAPL Powerlifting Meet – Raw Footage”

  1. i usually dont comment on form and shit, but on the deadlifts ur hips shot
    up, lower back was rounded before the lift even began. solid lifts tho. 

  2. Dollie DeVille

    You give me so much motivation because I’m the same height and almost
    weight, so maybe one day I can be like youuu! Just gotta lose more fat and
    gain more muscle! 

  3. Brandon O'Toole

    Is there any way to compete in a powerlifting meet without doing all three
    lifts? I recently had a back surgery and bench and squats seem to be no
    problem but I’m not willing to try deadlifts for a while.

  4. how old are you and is this all you do? I am not trying to say this in a
    bad way, sorry if it sounds rude.

  5. Back and butt are in full contact with the bench during the bench press.
    The USAPA is more strict than the IPA. The IPA should be illegalized.

  6. A_Really_Really_Long_Name_So_That_I_Can_Get_Noticed_For_Making_Posts_On_YouTube

    They really needed 2 spotters for the bench?

  7. I apologize if this sounds insensitive but I’m just curious on your squat.
    Do you have to squat that low? I thought it was 1 inch past parallel to

  8. christian fennell

    Sorry but there are girls at my school that do 315 for there opener in

  9. damn, you weigh as much as me and i’m a guy lol
    i guess i need to eat more seriously

  10. Good stuff. I have yet to compete since I want to achieve a higher
    competitive total, but seeing lifters like you and Omar Isuf out there it
    just makes me want to push harder. Have you done any meets since this one? 

  11. PowerliftingToWin

    Yes, there is a huge difference between judges sometimes. That was one of
    my points. Everyone seems to judge a little differently.

  12. Ageed. It would be nice if there was a way to mark each individuals greater
    trochanter and lateral epicondyl before a meet. So they would only have to
    hit a position where the greater trochanter was below the epicondyl.

  13. you should probably also address the fact that there are separate squats
    for building leg strength and for maximizing one’s leverages in
    competition. depth and stance width will vary depending on which style
    used, and lifters should be aware of what they are doing and why they are
    doing it.

  14. I’ve always gone by the red dot, as that’s technically where the hip joint
    is at. It’s definitely an individual thing though, and like you said,
    neither side is technically right or wrong because either way you define it
    is arbitrary. Also, the image you posted from the USAPL handbook is not
    their standard for depth, it’s an example of “convincing” depth. They
    actually standardize their depth closer to where you put the red dot. Here
    is the actual USAPL standard for depth:

    Honestly though, I think the root of the problem is in the way that squat
    depth is defined and I feel that there needs to be a more accurate and less
    ambiguous way to judge squats. I know it sounds like heresy, but I think
    that squatting to a box MIGHT be better for competitions because it would
    eliminate the element of human error when it comes to judging. Obviously
    the box heights would have to be adjusted for each individual competitor,
    they could be set 1-3″ below the knee cap or something. I dunno. I’m just
    spit balling here, it could be a shit idea lol.

  15. Hey Izzy, I was doing squats this afternoon and during a set of 3 at around
    a 7.5 RPE i started to feel my hamstrings (specifically bicep femoris)
    getting tight and pulling (not pulling as in a pulled muscle, just i could
    feel my hamstring stretching) at the bottom of the squat, parralel and
    under. I did some mobility work and it didn’t help, i have decently
    flexible Hamstrings. My squat stance was outside shoulder width.. the
    medium stance in your ‘Perfect squat technique for powerlifting’ video,
    with a foot angle of about 30 degrees.Knees angle was always over my toes.
    Back angle of about 40-50 degrees. I’m also 5 foot 10. I have tight hip
    flexors and a tight IT band. Any idea what this could help this? it was
    fine afterwards for front squats etc. 

  16. Another great video, I am gonna switch to low bar squats now and look to
    buying a belt.

  17. Given the exact wording of the IPF rule, I don’t know why people say that
    the term “break parallel” is incorrect. When the top surface of the legs at
    the hip are at the same height as the tops of the knees, the top surface of
    the legs are parallel to the floor. If from there, the hip moves any lower
    — thus putting the top surface of the legs at the hip joint lower than the
    top of the knees — parallel is broken. So “breaking parallel” and “putting
    the top surface of the leg at the hip joint below the top of the knee” are
    the same fucking thing.

  18. I have some reservations where you say don’t squat any deeper than you have
    to. I often squat way past parallel but that’s because it helps with the
    stretch reflex at the bottom. 

  19. But the question is how do you find that sweet spot?! Such an important
    aspect of this sport yet no one seems to cover it on YouTube at least. I
    find when I squat I have no sense of where my body is in relation to
    everything else until I hit my own calves. Is recording video of yourself
    the answer? Seems like it could be an entire wasted session of shallow
    depth. Setting the safety bars at the perfect height? But what if you hit
    them? And like you said it’s a game of centimetres, the safety bars move at
    intervals of an inch. Please answer? Really like your channel

    Or maybe squatting in front of a mirror? Squat with a partner judging? I
    don’t know if I missed something but candito, omarisuf, etc…no one covers

  20. Tiger Vlasotince

    Izzy, thanks for this. One question though – as a recreational
    non-competing guy who’s doing lowbar squats, is it easier for me just to
    make sure my quads are parallel to the floor, which would mean that I’m at
    barely legal depth? I have problems finding my actual hip crease/hip joint
    – and after watching your video I realized that I was doing ATG squats with
    lowbar form, which is ridiculous and too low.

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