Muscle Transformation – How Skinny Guys Build Muscle

Muscle Transformation - How Skinny Guys Build Muscle

How Skinny Guys Build Muscle – My Transformation: How to Build Ripped Muscle . Tired of…
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  1. not bad! check out my youtube page for more workouts. And head over to my
    site for even more free info. There’s a lot of variations you could add in
    there. I like it though!

  2. Hey im Planning on Working out again and need a workout schedule for good
    results im trying to gain more pounds. So i thought On monday i would go to
    the weight room and workout chest then Tuesday do Arms and shoulders.On
    wednesday Workout my legs than for thursday and friday Do chest one day and
    arms again Then rest for two days. I was thinking jogging on saturday but
    would that be to much ? and is working out legs one day a week good
    enough..Help please any tips. Inbox.

  3. Click the link in the description above, the video will help you out a lot.
    I’d do an upper lower split for 4 sessions a week.

  4. Yep, totally possible. I’ve done it myself before, but it’s just so hard
    for me to keep eating (and eating right) at that pace for an extended
    period of time.

  5. longlivingdude

    Yeah, it’s The Dark Knight soundtrack. It’s a remix but I don’t know where
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  6. If you require the use of profanity and name calling to get your point
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  7. You hit each body part twice in a week giving yourself double the recovery
    time of a normal program, plus you’re not overdoing the sets. This is all
    very important when trying to build lean muscle mass.

  8. Glad you brought this up man! This is actually taken the summer going into
    college. I was a RAKE. Being skinny, I have very few pics taken with my
    shirt off. My transformation began not long after. After basketball, not
    long into my fighting career. It’s not a fake, this isn’t when I’m a kid. I
    had this physique (and weight) up until my transformation began.

  9. Dude you’re a fuckin reject. Please just shut the fuck up cause you’re
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  10. what a fake with the pictures of him everyone can take pictures as he was
    young and before the muscles get built and one where he is 5 years or more

  11. Hello there, have you considered MUSCleader” (look on Google)? On their
    website you will find a great free video explaining how you can develop
    visible muscle mass fast whilst losing excess fat at the same time. Fabian
    or many other guys like him had amazing success making use of this
    technique. It may work for you too.

  12. If you don’t like it dude then shut the hell up and hit your back arrow.
    Some of us find it motivationg and informative.

  13. I did the video was very useful. so by upper lower split you mean Upper
    body one day and Lower body another ?

  14. You can, but there are better ways to do it. Trust me. A steady intake of
    protein, for example, throughout the day is better than consuming it all at
    once like you will have to do with some IF protocol’s.

  15. Hey man, I have recently started boxing, how is this for a workout session?
    1) Skip non-stop for 15 minutes 2) 5-6 2 minute punching bag sessions, with
    a minute rest after the 2 minutes is up and one session of pad work. 3) 10
    of each:Tuck Jumps, Push Ups, Pull ups, Raised leg Pull ups, Star jumps,
    Back Raises, Star Jumps, Elbow to knee push ups, Clap push ups, Jumping
    squats and 20 dumbbell punches.

  16. Cheers! I’m doing it 3 times a week(that’s enough at the moment haha) then
    probably 4-5 times a week(i have work and other stuff going on so that’s
    all I can manage).

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