Muscle & Strength: Weight Training for Women Day 1

Train with weights for a strong, toned and sexy body! Katie Lobliner shows you a 4 day women’s weight training routine designed for ANY woman looking for RES…
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27 thoughts on “Muscle & Strength: Weight Training for Women Day 1”

  1. Anyone who slams this chic without checking out how much weight she’s
    lifting aand her biography is simply in the dark because this chic is
    amazing. 20 pound arm curls? Way to go girl!

  2. i want to lift heavy but i want slim thighs.. her thighs look quite large
    and muscular. will lifting heavy give me big thighs?!

  3. I have been looking for a video like this on youtube for yonks! this video
    is the most informative video i have seen. Assuming you are doing a few
    sets of these, 3-4. Great video. Day 2 is awesome too. 

  4. Dylansmommy28

    How can I do lunges if I have weak knees? Is there a way to start off small
    and build up?

  5. She is strong ! Jealous ! She lifts weighs I would strive to even hold in
    my arms !

  6. I think she needs to change her routine. 10yrs without muscle definition.
    How can that be? Good on you by keeping going though

  7. Carmelita Stone

    What’s with all the flowers and pink and stuff? This is supposed to be hard
    work, not a tea party.

  8. Dominique Amos

    She looks great! “dont want my thighs to big…lol girl then stay at home!

  9. I didn’t get the name of the orange thing she took at the beginning. Can
    someone tell me plz?

  10. This Almost-Magical Workout Method builds muscle faster than steroids. Go
    google Ready Set Ripped to find out more.

  11. No ,women should do both resistance training to develop muscular
    strength/fitness/stamina and use the treadmill to develop cardiovascular

  12. Did these work outs today along with my 40 minute cardio. My back is
    definitely sore, and I really enjoyed the stiff leg dead lifts. My butt is
    sore! These exercises also helped me get out of my comfort zone and pushed
    me to try out the heavy duty weights! 

  13. yurdreamwoman

    do you promote the products for money? seems like advertising, is this
    really YOUR drinks you use?

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