Muscle Building Workouts For Men: How To Get Bigger Arms, Shoulders, And Chest

See how to bulk up and gain mass quickly: In this video, Fitness model Troy Adashun takes you through a powerful up…
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Confession: I used a “shortcut” to build muscle and get abs, this video reveals all: Hey Guys Mike here with the Six Pack Sh…
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  1. Weight Gain Network

    Here’s an awesome upper body workout for you guys who want to build bigger
    chest, shoulders, and traps.

    Watch the YouTube video:
    Muscle Building Workouts For Men: How To Get Bigger Arms, Shoulders, And

  2. In this video, Fitness model Troy Adashun takes you through a powerful
    upper body workout that will help any skinny guy pack on rock solid lean
    muscle mass.

    For all you guys who love to workout your upper body and are looking for a
    training routine to maximize the largest and most powerful muscles in the
    upper body – this is the workout routine for you.

    This muscle building upper body workout will focus on developing bigger
    arms, shoulders and chest muscles. This workout routine will offer you the
    best muscle building exercises for explosive growth and maximum anabolic
    hormone release.

    Your going to build really thick and powerful looking shoulders with this
    routine because you will be utilizing the best shoulder exercises and the
    “pressing motion” which is a proven mass builder.

    This routine also develops a large chest because it emphasizes the upper
    and mid chest which is where you have the biggest potential to develop.

    Last but not least this training routine will also help you pack on muscle
    on those arms. The key to building big and muscular arms isn’t necessarily
    to work them directly. You want to perform proven compound muscle building
    exercises – and this routine does exactly that.

    If you watch the video you will get to see how to perform the best muscle
    building triceps exercise as well! (Its not what you think)

    If you want to pack on rock solid lean muscle mass and building a powerful
    looking upper body – try this training routine on your next upper body
    workout day.

    Exercise One is a powerful chest exercise, the dumb bell bench press. This
    is superior to the barbell bench press because it recruits more muscle
    fibers in the chest and is a great mass builder.

    Exercise two is the weighted dip. This is one of the best exercises at
    developing large and muscular triceps as well as a sculpted lower chest.

    Exercise three is the barbell incline bench press. This is the best
    exercise for developing the thickness and mass of the upper chest.

    Exercise four is the Db shoulder press. This is the best mass building
    shoulder exercise and will help you sculpt and define your deltoids.

    Exercise five is the barbell shrug. This will continue to develop your
    shoulders and also work those large and heavily important trap muscles.

    Exercise six is the standing military press. This is another “pressing”
    motion shoulder exercise and will help you develop strong and powerful

    This is a complete upper body training routine that will help you maximize
    your upper body muscular development. Go from skinny guy to terminator with
    this incredible training routine.

  3. Really appreciate ur video man .it helped me alot . i have now had made a
    routine to follow ur workouts daily 1 hours a day.i wish i would get arms
    and bones stronger with these exercise and workouts.ur body and muscles are
    aweome they are like my freinds . he also had the muscles like urs.good
    video i loved it . nice video amazing one 

  4. Vidhya Achuthan

    To encourage muscle growth, strength gains and recovery, you need to ingest
    sufficient amounts of high-quality protein along with enough complex carbs
    to fuel heavy and intense training sessions. Strive to consume at least 1
    to 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight and 1.5 to 2 grams of
    carbs per pound of body weight (as a baseline). Pay attention to how your
    body responds to the ratio of protein and carbs you are eating; depending
    on your body’s insulin sensitivity, metabolism and body fat levels, your
    needs will vary. Start with at least 1 gram of protein and 1.5 grams of
    carbs per pound of body weight and add 25% each week if you’re not growing.
    Your dietary fat intake should account for 0.5 grams of fat per pound of
    body weight.

  5. robby holemans

    Hey, i’m a 16, almost 17 year old boy and i started fitness 4 months ago, i
    weigh 156lb so i’m still a skinny guy, is it a good plan to do this workout
    + the bigger arms, back and legs workout and one day a week the bench
    press, deadlift, squat, pull-up workout?

  6. This is a very good all around compound muscle building workout.
    may be basic but they are the best upper body building exercises.

  7. Dipanka Shree Tamrakar

    This Almost-Magical Exercise Regimen builds muscle faster than steroids.
    Just google Muscle Maker Method to find out more.

  8. Shourie Abbaraju

    Thank you so much Mike.. Im a skinny guy, but I love working out… This
    really helped me get some mass 😀 :D

  9. Can someone help me out please. How do you know the point where you over
    work your muscles and start to lose muscle? Can you work and upper and
    lower body everyday? Or do you have to have cool down days? 

  10. guys I want to get bigger than what I am, but yet i’m not all muscle do I
    burn the fat then eat more? or eat more and burn at the same time?

  11. Hey Mike I am 16 years old and I am 5’8″ and 150 pounds. I have big arms
    and an okay sized chest and I want to pack on size and look like Mark
    Wahlberg did in pain and gain but I am afraid If I do increase my carbs
    that my stomach will stick out further than my chest so I am stressing
    about this alot . Also I play running back for my team so I want to stay as
    fast as possible.

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    if you have a little bit of fat on yourself like me does rule 2 still apply
    because im pretty sre your body eats your fat before muscle right?

  14. Muscle Gain Fast

    good points Mike. I always make sure I get something down as soon as I
    finish my workouts too. It really does help delay the break down of muscle.

  15. Mohammed Amin

    can somebody help me .. whats the proper diet if I have belly fat but at
    same time I need to build muscle cuz my upper body and my arm are very weak
    ,,,so basically overall I have weak arms and chest etc ,, but I have belly

  16. Dear Mike

    Your are advising to eat more carbs but what if we use fat as the primary
    source of energy and avoid eating more carbs than 150gram per day. Instead
    increase the intake of proteins. Would we gain healthy weight (muscles)? 

  17. Kumaraswamy Kademane

    even I am not sure about Gatorade, but I am planning on taking a bottle of
    water with some lemon juice, salt and sugar added to it. Yummy…..

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  20. Nice idea, how much fat could people lose? My sister shred 4 stone after
    studying Wretch Weight Workings. Do a Google search for it :)

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