MUSCLE BUILDING & WEIGHT LOSS: Can you build muscle on fruit and veg? #338

MUSCLE BUILDING & WEIGHT LOSS: Can you build muscle on fruit and veg? #338

Muscle building + weight loss : Can you build muscle on fruit and veg? can you lose weight on fruit and veg? Here below are some more healthy weight loss lif…

25 thoughts on “MUSCLE BUILDING & WEIGHT LOSS: Can you build muscle on fruit and veg? #338”

  1. Why would I wanna learn how to build muscle from a 120 pound skinny
    faggot… You act like your a body builder yet theres 13 year old girls who
    bench more than u

  2. you raise a good point, but who cares, fat lazy people will always find
    reasons to stay in there comfort zone.

  3. @durianriders Bro my bi’s were that size when I won my INBA intermediate
    title in ’05. I checked in at an all natural 83kg’s. Had to starve my fat
    ass off for 14 weeks down from 103kg to get there tho. I thought I looked
    like a didstance runner at the time 😀

  4. MountainBuggyPrams

    @OGKing420, guess thats slang for drug intake yes? Last thing before i
    waste precious time. Why are you throwing stones when you live in an
    ENORMOUS glass house Hmmm? No more time for 420 druggies..

  5. @AnatomicalALIGNMENT Thanks! I like be your potential a lot and already
    subscribed to that. Will follow the others!

  6. PowerToolsDewalt

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    think you should have an account. Dont you have to be like 12 to have an
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  7. Hira Lal Chaudhary

    If you have been trying to build muscle, you should Google “Ripped X
    Beast”. That can help you get the body you deserve.

  8. @ObamaWasBornlnKenya again, why do you keep comparing carnivores to
    herbivores? Dude, we’re OMNIVORES. Read it and weep. Making arguments
    against us being carnivores when I say we’re not carnivores makes you look
    stupid. And pathetic. And illogical. And unreasoning.

  9. @ibetulookgood just stay near a freaking bathroom, LOL. Also, although I’ve
    nothing against veganism per se (I have issues with propaganda) it should
    be pointed out in some locations it can be very expensive. I live in
    Canada, and this time of years you’d need to take out a second mortgage to
    buy fresh fruit in the quantities 80/10/10 recommends. Veganism is
    certainly MUCH more expensive, and not everyone can afford it.

  10. PowerToolsDewalt

    @seanmclellan07 hunterreptilerooms look me up if your top of Aus in winter
    or NTH of Bris in Summer. I can give you a slap behind the ears that way

  11. GoBlessYourSelf

    I’ve never heard of any pro runners living past 90, the heart has the
    capacity for only a specific number of heart beats. Running in moderation
    is the way to go.

  12. PowerToolsDewalt

    @manonapedistal There is no both of us. So from me, a BIG GET FUCKED you
    got know idea who i am boy. And Durianriders can say or piss you off his
    way, or ban you for smart arsedness its his site & he can do what he wants.
    Youve a right to your opinion, so dont hide behind a channel. State your
    opinion on YOUR OWN CHANNEL K! Mik see i dont even hide my name..

  13. MountainBuggyPrams

    C’mon guys, don’t be scabs. Give the guy 2bucks! He is way too scrawny and
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  14. @ObamaOutToLunch wow… you mad? Or just insane? also… learn to spell
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  15. @ObamaWasBornlnKenya Dude, you provided no evidence. None. El-zippo. Where
    is it? Hmm?? I don’t see it here. .. as for why I can’t chase down an
    animal? Stupid question, dumb logic (typical of the ignorant). 1) I don’t
    have to. I’m evolved enough to raise food, and we have for thousands of
    years. 2) I’m not a predatory carnivore. I’m an evolved omnivore. Duh.
    You’re ridiculous. Same old arguments – blah, blah. No science. Still

  16. @MountainBuggyPrams yes i used to be a big stoner, i used to smoke
    cigarettes too. I dont smoke either now but i completely support anyone who
    uses weed to escape from the cancer or disease ridden life they have to
    live everyday.

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