mTOR: Impossible To Build Muscle Mass Without Its Activation!!!

mTOR: Impossible To Build Muscle Mass Without Its Activation!!!

The mammalian target of rapamycin. The main baddass when it comes to protein synthesis, and ultimately hypertrophy. Activated through anabolic agents (hormon…
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25 thoughts on “mTOR: Impossible To Build Muscle Mass Without Its Activation!!!”

  1. Excellent video content! Forgive me for chiming in, I would appreciate your
    opinion. Have you researched – Basario Amazing Body Domination (do a google
    search)? Ive heard some decent things about it and my friend at very last
    got shredded lean arm muscle with it.

  2. TeamThreeD Alpha

    which one? i mention a lot, not just one…most of them are all available
    for free on scholar dot google dot com just type in any keywords i
    mentioned and you’ll find em there’s tons

  3. I took just 4 days off from tha gym and was able to lift a weight that
    before the break I could only get 5 reps then after the break I was hitting
    the weight for 8-10 reps each set

  4. don’t worry i ain’t cutting it down…just taking a break for awhile to
    reset myself… i looked in my workout log and realized i didn’t take a 2
    week break from training since July 2011 (that’s 2 full years). lol that’s
    INCREDIBLY bad lol.

  5. In my opinion you’re over complicating things. I believe bodybuilding is
    quite simple especially if you have no intention to compete and are just
    doing it for yourself. Lift the right amount of weights, eat the right
    amount of foods, sleep the right amount. Do this over time consistently and
    there you have it. It may take years but isn’t that the point of a

  6. TeamThreeD Alpha

    i throw in supersets, giant sets and/or drop sets on the lagging body
    parts, and also i train them first in the routine, and last. always
    remember that if a body part is lagging you wanna flush as much blood as
    possible (maximum pump) in that muscle, as frequently as possible. also
    learn to squeeze/flex that muscle as you’re training it–mind muscle
    connection is very crucial in improving lagging bodyparts.

  7. Wow, I remember even when you went on holiday to see your family you were
    still working out with your lil bro, haha

  8. Wow you train 3 times a day? Great commitment Jon – if you enjoy it, keep
    doing it, don’t cut down because of a study.

  9. Jonathan. Can you put this in a schedule form. How often? I kind of don’t
    feel like taking the risk you know what I mean.

  10. Jonathan, what are your tips for bringing up lagging body parts doing full
    body workouts? I already train lagging parts first and I do full bodies 3x
    a week. I tried doubling the sets but that takes way too long (around 2.5
    hours). I wanna keep my workouts to 1.5 hours because I work out in the

  11. ChowMeinChowdown

    so much this, everytime i log on i can bet my ass there would be a
    similarly titled video in the updates. not hating tho, do like this
    channel, plenty of content, even these mindless wanking ones to keep me
    entertaind while i go on a stroll lol

  12. Masoud Houssein Hassan

    Yeah man sometimes when my body can’t take it anymore i take a week off
    just doing nothing. When i go back into the gym i’m a bit stronger and
    start seeing gains happening slightly faster. I’d rather not stop training,
    even for a day. Training is my life.

  13. Author Jones (you may want to look into the guys work) was big into taking
    time off. He had Casey Viator training once every 2 weeks.

  14. What is the best tip to bring up a deadlift max? Im not good at maxing so
    ive been doing sets of 5

  15. They laughed when I told them I would get ripped applying Aston Muscle
    Ripper, but then they saw the results. Google Aston Muscle Ripper to see
    their reaction. (It was epic!)

  16. TeamThreeD Alpha

    taking a break from the gym after intense long periods of training is not
    “over complicating things”…it’s basic bodybuilding. it’s just i was too
    stubborn and love training too much to put it into practice. and remember,
    everyone’s body responds differently to the same stimulus. i know friends
    who just step foot in the gym and get that “simple approach”
    makes perfect sense to them. but the rest of us unlucky ones, we gotta do a
    lil extra. thks 4 the feedback though. dominate.

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