Mountain Climbers | Abdominal Workout | Upper Body Workout Mountain climbers are great exercises for your upper b…

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43 thoughts on “Mountain Climbers | Abdominal Workout | Upper Body Workout”

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  3. I will start these with my walk/jog exercises.. need to strengthen my core
    for sure. Thanks for the instructional video

  4. keep practising, do it slowly and focus on not swinging. i had the same
    problem but it gets better as your core gets stronger. bending your arms a
    little can help with the swinging, because more muscles will be contracted
    in your back. just practise, you will get there soon enough.

  5. what i find to be the hardest part about doing this workout is stabilizing
    myself and not swinging. As of right now this is impossible for me haha

  6. @Darkybmy lower abs is what it is for and the ones to the side are gonna
    work your obliques i spelled it wrong but good think i got all you english
    teachers to correct me. but that is the main target of course it will hit
    some other muscles those are just the main.

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  8. NaturalFlavorFTB2

    my friend says if you hang and let someone non-stop punch your abs for a
    minute it will help. Fact or fiction?

  9. @Kanashto that and you’re lower back in general, standing up and trying to
    touch you toes with straight legs will help. just do it consistently every
    day, even if just a couple minutes of light stretching.

  10. my mind just got blown. I’ll try to explain the reason why his abs are like
    that by saying that if you can “over extend” by doing ab workouts that
    require more than 90 degrees of movement, maybe you’d get longer/wider abs?

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