Morning Abs

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25 thoughts on “Morning Abs”

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  5. Probably, but not necessarily. A big part is good genes. Research it, not
    bullshitting. Some people have a 4 pack, some have a 6 or an 8 Pack, It’s
    genes. Genetic potential. I’m talking about how good his abs look, not the
    fact of having them. This guy is somewhat naturally muscly already. 85%
    genes. jell?

  6. Vanity? What if it’s a hobby or just want to be an inspiring fitness model
    for people to look up to. That’s your opinion not fact.

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  8. im not mad 🙂 i just think people are stupid who are to fast to say “genes”
    to everything. “im fat” = genes, “i dont have abs” = genes, “girls dont
    like me” = genes .. NOOOOOOEEEEE! 🙂

  9. dude the only reason why people lift is for vanity, it was different years
    ago when manual labor was needed more but now it isnt. look at people like
    Ronnie Coleman, Flex wheeler, Arnold Schwarzenegger , Eddie Elwood etc all
    for vanity

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  11. ask yourself why you really got into the fitness scene, for the majority of
    people it was out of wanting to make themselves look better and or preform
    better which falls under the category of vanity, and even wanting to be a
    fitness model is vein in is own way, you are showing off your body and
    trying to make yourself look better. Im not saying its a bad thing, heck
    vanity is why i got into it i was just saying no need to hate when we are
    all doing it for similar reasons.

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