More Yoga for Menstruation

More Yoga for Menstruation This is More Yoga for Menstruation. Here’s to remind all ladies that you can DO something when feeling miserable every month. Want to read more on what yoga can bring when you are on your cycle, check out this article on my website
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  1. LauraLadybird

    Hi Esther, I just started yoga a couple of months ago. And I’m very eager to learn new poses. These are very helpful. Gonna try them. Thank you.

  2. I just got my P a few day’s ago and i’ve been doing thus yoga and it really help’s! I tried doing the other one’s you had done in the past and i was stupied…they wern’t for P.M.S lol! But thank’s alot! It really help’s!(: -3

  3. If this occurs when your head is below your heart level such as doing “standing forward bend” for example or “downward facing dog” then that is understandable. Keep hydrated, drink plenty of water. If it is a serious problem for you then visit your GP to get your blood pressure checked. This may be an indication of low blood pressure.

  4. GeorgiaInFlorida

    Esther, thank you so much. I am new at Yoga and this has helped me tremendously with my horrible cramping this morning. I combined listening to my own relaxation music while watching these and I feel so at peace right now. You are a blessing, dear. Thank you!

  5. Good question! I don’t think it is an old tale, and to be on the safe side I wouldn’t do them, or very short, going in and coming out straight away if you are on a roll practicing something everyday to get the hang of it! I don’t worry about down dog, but holding headstands, shoulderstands etc I advice against! Think about it, the flow is going downward, and it should to cleanse the body. Than why would you go against it and reverse it?
    Hope this helps 🙂

  6. thank you thank you think you! this video was the best relief i could find 🙂 way better than tylenol 🙂

  7. Thank u! I love all your videos! They really nice, and i love to have a good workout and good sretch!!!

  8. 🙂 Thanks Esther. I have cramps and the whole pelvic region feels sore. How do you feel about doing supported bridge while menstruating? I really helps with the pain, but I do not know whether it would be considered too “inverted” or not. Any thoughts?

  9. Thanks a lot! The exercises provided immediate relief, and I needed this after a long day!

  10. Im so happy you added a new video. Ive been doing the other one you have for menstruation these past months. Thanks a bunch.

  11. This is such a great sequence! Soothing. Thanks so much. Also, where on your website can I learn more about ouija breathing?

  12. Dear Esther, what do you think about doing inversions during menstruation? I have read warnings against several times but a yoga teacher around said to me that was an old tale with no physiological basis. Now I am confused. Thanks a lot for your inputs, in advance.

  13. thanks so much! i was able to find the video easily, and it’s helped me understand ujjayi breathing a lot more. i’m still not sure i’m doing it right, though i have a feeling it will come easier with more practice. cheers!

  14. thakurmaneesha

    Dear Esther,
    I feel slight headache or I can say a bit dizzy after doing Yoga.. is it normal? or I am doing somthing wrong.? Please Reply.

  15. I cannot leave a link in a comment here, but if you search for “Ujjayi / Victorious Breathing” on yogatic dot com you will find it .All the best!

  16. Esther , does the last sequenece make you feel dizzy?? or is it because am doing it worng wy??

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