Monster Shoulder Workout

1 crazy trick to build muscle: Hey guys, Today my buddy Johnson and I are going to show you our Monster Set workout. This is…

Make Intense Workouts Easy: Hey y’all, So today we are going to do a crazy leg workout. More and more people are commenting …
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  2. My right trap is really big and thick, but my left is shitty and thin! Wtf
    can i do to even it out, thanks..

  3. i also have a question. towards the end you discuss appetite and not eating
    as much at first but then your hunger increases as u see gains and eat
    more.. i have seen slight gains but i still feel like i’m not eating
    enough. however, since i bought this protein powder it seems like it has
    increased my appetite a lot and i’ve only had it for a few days.. is it
    supposed to benefit in that way as well? any thoughts or advice are

  4. Everytime I see Mikes commercial for “eat like a big” I laugh so hard! haha

  5. holy shit i’m really feelin this workout its like my shoulders never
    experienced a stretch before and i been consistent for about a month or

  6. Fuck these trolling mofos,
    Mikes a champ!

    it’s not about being the biggest guy out there, it’s what you know, so
    mikes here sharing what he knows for free on YouTube. All I can say for
    that is thanks for the years of knowledge and keep growing that bad ass

  7. TrainHard FightEasy

    Two asian men, one called Mike, and the other called Johnson, giving
    bodybuilding advice.
    What’s next, an american called Wu Shin Buk Lau giving Kung Fu lessons ?

  8. get off youtube , you are the biggest waste case giving misleading
    guys do your OWN research and find out what works best for you. look up
    strength camp now those videos are legit.

  9. It would be a shame for you not to build muscle when these other normal
    people accomplish it easily using Graxile Ripped X (search for it on

  10. Mike’s friend has very big arms, but he has no shoulder at all. So I don’t
    know if these excersices are good or maybe it’s just genetic that he has
    very small shoulders.

  11. dawa finju sherpa

    To average folks who want to burn fat eventually, Copy and paste into
    google Skinnimaker System and get started.

  12. mike your partner is doing it too much incline and resting there while the
    dumbell isdown on his shoulder level, so the tension on the delts not to
    much there….

  13. This guy is too chunky and has no abs..If he works out on his core so much
    then why does he still have love handles and belly? 

  14. Yeah i mean seriously why are people being idiots here i mean this dude is
    actualy giving you people tips, and by the way i thing i saw in the
    military is you get huge and then stop trainning what happens you get fat
    mofo best build is triathleat looking big means nothing and definatly does
    not bring fear or respect into anyone who knows anything becasue a bullet
    and a knife in the right hands does not care how big you look so stop with
    the attitude and stop beliving films aaaahhhh peace from GB

  15. Oscarictus JN

    Hi Mike, the weight I have to use to perform the exercise, and how long to
    rest between supersets monster

  16. GabakTech - Cursos de Computación Gratis

    why dont you do some stretching exercises at the end of the videos? so my
    body wont hurt next day

  17. The Sylvan Smith

    I have an issue where many of these leg exercises hurt my knees very badly.
    Feels like something inside pops. I have never injured my knees though. Is
    there an exercise I can do to fix this?

  18. i can t manage the rest time. can someone help me? i mean, if i do more
    rest of course i can do more sets, so where is the goal? Do more sets, or
    doing less of it whit a low rest?

  19. hey all,i hv a question,which leg workout will avoid to get a bigger
    butt?im a man,i dont like a big butt -_- , please name it for me at least 4

  20. Tetrahydrocannabinol :)

    im 14 and just got into lifting and everything should i keep going or am i
    too young?

  21. Hey guys just got a bank for christmas so i can do benchpresses anybody got
    some tips or hints that i should know before getting started?

  22. when doing the lunges, is it important to touch the knee to the ground or
    keep off the ground to keep more tension during rep.? 

  23. i watch elliot hulse, chris jones, TwinMuscleWorkout, big j, tiger
    fitness, vann brah, CT fletcher, scooby, furious pete, omarisuf, and nick
    wright and am a personal trainer myself. those guys are all respectable
    trainers and have great channels but THIS!, THIS! is the most popular
    channel! this guy spits out more broscience than any of them. hes popular
    because most of america are fat retards who dont even know what a
    macronutrient is. mike chang played them to his own advantage by naming his
    channel “sixpackshortcuts” their are no shortcuts to a sixpack but most
    americans dont understand that and mike chang plays them like a fiddle with
    his broscience, most people don’t realize it would take 3+ years of
    constant training to get a body like his, unless you have freak genetics. O
    i almost forgot “fitness trainers hate him” genius marketing Mr. Chang i
    have to say you are a genius.

  24. Johnny Appleseed

    i remember doing lunges around a football field with someone on my back
    during boot camp beat that shit

  25. Ultramarathon Power

    Is mike chang cheating? He is such a n**b who only tries to get attention
    and who bought 95 % of his subscribers… Plus his cardio suck. I would
    smoke him in marathon or cycling….

  26. DAMN, I just did the full 8 rounds and i’m straight up heated… This is a
    perfect leg workout, i think it took me close to an hour to do the full 8
    rounds with a lot of breathers and breaks haha.

  27. I would love Mike to be my personal trainer. His energy and likeability
    would really get me more motivated.

  28. these are some legit exercises, it looks as though it is good for cardio

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