Monster Mass Building Workout

1 crazy trick to build muscle: Sixpackshortcutters…today’s the day we’ve all been waiting for! Because today I’m going to …
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25 thoughts on “Monster Mass Building Workout”

  1. I can’t see how this is different from a superset using the opposing muscle
    group principle. All these principles and workouts are not new. They have
    been around since at least the 60s and 70s This is just a new label slapped
    on old techniques and sold to idiots who know no better. While you are
    about it, don’t forget the muscle confusion principle, both literally and
    figuratively. After a while each workout reaches a plateau.

  2. hey mike i struggleto bulid muscle, i tried everything, i am 16, i struggle
    with money and i love to have monster mass

  3. Mike Chang Is Number 1 subscribed on youtube .. because of his lies that
    people want to hear .. You don’t have to train .. run .. lift .. all what
    you have to do is to buy my lies ..and i like the way when he says
    (traditional bodybuilding) .. it’s like great people like jay cutler and
    Ronnie column built their muscle by following your program .. .

  4. In another of his videos, he says that you should start lifting by 14 but
    nothing that affects your spine. Then when you hit 16 your fine to do

  5. no man! you’re too damn young. start exercising after 2 years. you should
    do just cardio now.

  6. u said no rest — but u taking long time gap when u start talking—but
    anyway i like ur all workout

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