Monster Bicep Peaks Workout

1 crazy trick to build muscle fast: Hey guys, it’s Mike with sixpackshortcuts. In today’s workout, it’s time to build some m…

25 thoughts on “Monster Bicep Peaks Workout”

  1. I’m 14 i have 4 packs 80 max pushups in 1 set can lift 10kg dumbells looks
    like i’m coolest and strongest 14 year old here :3

  2. I’m 13,my max curl is 18 lbs. Is that any good? I’ve been working out for
    about 1/2 months,before I could only curl 5-6 lbs. How long should it take
    for me to be able to curl 30? Also,I don’t only workout my biceps,I do
    skullcrushers,push ups,chin ups,crunches,etc,mostly cardio because I’m 136
    lbs. How long should it take for me to lose 10-12 pounds? I’ve been doing
    cardio for about 4 weeks and I’ve lost 4 pounds.

  3. I did this workout 2 days ago. The day after I had some muscle ache on both
    my arms. And today..the second day, well, I woke up and I just couldn’t
    stretch my right arm out because it hurt on the inner side of the elbow. My
    right arm is a bit more muscular then my left by the way.

  4. I need HELP ! what should i do i m left handed but my left hand is smaller
    than my right hand. I already do only left hand but weird thing is my left
    hand (SMALLER HAND ) fell like the muscle is stronger than my right hand (
    Bigger Hand ) muscle. 

  5. francois vallee

    You are swinging mike! Maybe it’s to heavy?
    Maybe you need to drink more of you’re magic drink?

  6. Advice on how to build up weaker arm? I’m right handed. Should I just focus
    on my left till they even out?

  7. Random Gameplay Videos

    Did this and my forearm hurts more than my biceps itself… did I do
    something wrong ? My position was good, I’m pretty sure on that.

  8. theepicsealshow123

    Just because your arms aren’t sore DOSENT mean they aren’t growing its just
    that your body gets used to it so it’s not sore

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