Modified Stomach Vacuum (THIS AB EXERCISE DOESN’T SUCK!)

Modified Stomach Vacuum (THIS AB EXERCISE DOESN’T SUCK!)

Where old school bodybuilding meets cutting edge sports science… The stomach vacuum exercise is one of the most…

25 thoughts on “Modified Stomach Vacuum (THIS AB EXERCISE DOESN’T SUCK!)”

  1. Hey Jeff I just made pasta but my cheese grader broke. Do you mind if I
    borrow your abs for this parmigiano? 

  2. What confused me about this is that you blow out the air, in order to make
    your stomach collapse, BUT THEN YOU IMMEDIATELY SUCK THE AIR BACK IN (some
    of it? all of it?) — while keeping your stomach collapsed — and then
    start slowly letting the air out again. When you say “suck in,” I thought
    you meant suck in your abs, but I guess you meant your abs AND your breath.
    From the other comments, I don’t think I’m the only one who was unclear
    about this breathing sequence.

    What particularly caught my attention, though, was the idea that you can
    have abs that look flat from the front but which seem to protrude a bit
    when viewed from the side (4:31). I think I have a hint of that phenomenon
    but have been unclear what the problem was. I thought I just had too much
    fat (though I’m pretty lean), and I even cut a few calories. But I then
    came to think that even if I peeled all the fat and skin away, the muscle
    would still have that slightly protruding shape (with the problem even more
    pronounced when I’m sitting). I thought maybe the muscle got too big and so
    stuck out a bit. Then I thought maybe it was bloat. But you raised a new
    possibility: that some underlying part of the muscle isn’t properly
    developed. I’ve never heard anyone address that issue before and would like
    to hear more.

  3. Jeff, what do you think of “Signalling Training”, which Tom Hardy used for

  4. I just started Athlean-X, including the meal plan. I’m starving. I’m 18,
    only 5’6″, 130 lb male, but I’m so damn hungry. I’m on the 4th day, and if
    I haven’t mentioned it, I’m starving. Do I need to be this hungry, or can I
    eat a boat load of healthy food?

  5. Reminds me of the boxing stance.
    My belly is tucked deep inside, and doing side movements with the upper
    body and counter attack.

  6. Patrick H. Nguyen

    Jeff, for the exercise, are we intending for Spinal Rotation or simply Hip
    Rotation with no Spinal Rotation?

  7. Leouise Grech

    Hi Jeff, can you do a video on your view with regards to carbs. You have
    mentioned before to delay carbs post workout for greater anabolic growth
    influence. I also have read not to eat carbs before training for the same
    reasons. That leaves not many opportunities to eat carbs. I train daily
    around 11am. What would be optimal? Thanks for your great info. Also, I’m
    trying to gain muscle as I am pretty lean already. 

  8. Wow havent felt my abs, especially the lowers; engaged that well in a long

  9. Anirban Mookherjee

    Jeff how is your stomach so damn pushed in. It just baffles me everytime I
    see it. I don’t see anyone else with the stomach so much damn pushed in,
    even at low bodyfats people have stomachs that tend to pop out at times or
    otherwise its flat. Not so pushed back like you, if you know what I mean.
    It almost looks like u have no organs inside or never eat. Do you like suck
    in your stomach throughout the video? If no how do I get a waist like that?

  10. XDragonsXCryX

    Ugh I try ta implement this technique, with all my major lifts.
    Core everyday, indirect or direct.
    I am assuming this will help me with basic energy transition. What was it
    called it; kinetic chain? Thanks for all the videos, I really like the
    tornado push up; you had demonstrated, in a few vids back. A top five next
    to 1arm push ups and of course burpees. 

  11. Özgür Meriç Özer

    You say you guys train like athletes but your biceps tell the opposite.

    Great video anyway. Thanks.

  12. Hey, Jeff, I just started up college and I’m trying to eat as healthy as
    possible. That said, a lot of the food is pretty high in sodium (probably
    so it would last longer). How much is too much sodium and what affects will
    it have on me? Also, I’d love a video on the different types of sugars and
    how the body processes them. Thank you so much! – Max 

  13. As a professional singer, I use a similar exercise. The one bit of
    confusion from Jeff’s explanation was to use the word “suck” for that last
    final squeeze of the transverse abs. “Suck” implies inhaling, and you do
    NOT inhale to max out the transverse ab. You SQUEEZE, which forces a
    maximum EXhale. The Transverse AB is the same muscle that powers two
    important involuntary actions that all of us do…the sneeze, and the cough
    that comes when you accidentally inhale some food or drink. In short, the
    “stomach vacuum” shouldn’t ever involve any INhaling. It’s a squeeze, not
    a suck. (that sounds perverted!)

  14. Raul Choudhary

    I have got of of loose skin after a huge weight loss i don’t know what to

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