Mike’s BIG Bicep Day

Mike's BIG Bicep Day

The #1 Way to Max Your Muscle Gains: http://sixpackshortcuts.com/rdBH Yo Guys, It’s Mike with Sixpack Shortcuts… You want some BIG biceps? I’ve got the wor…
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  1. big veins does not mean you’re using steroids. any person with super low
    bodyfat percentage and a good amount of muscle mass normally has visible
    veins they have good blood circulation. i have never taken a steroid in my
    life and my veins are visible just like his.

  2. im not a big fan of mike chang or anything and even sometimes leave some
    comments criticizing the way he trains.

    yet, i must say his trainning of arms in this video was definitely
    admirable workout for beginners and even for experienced bodybuilders

    there are so many idiots i see around here ranting out about him lifting
    bitch weights for his size. we all know that he can lift more than that for
    sure considering how he makes his arm trainning hard by having no swings
    and entirly focusing on contraction and negative moves.

    its not really about how much weight he can lift that matters to you but
    how he carries out each exercise matters to you and thats the core bit of
    changing your body.

    if kai green or jay cutler did this shit exactly the same way, you morons
    would just shut the fuck up and watch it. Futhermore, you would probably
    agree with them saying chasing for pumps and no need to lift heavy that
    doesnt really hit the muscles you are targeting without even questioning

    u still gonna say thats not fucking double standard dude?

    those who achieve things in life always try to take things good out of
    anything they do instead of always just criticizing without good reasons.
    im not just merely hating on legit crticisism that whoever deserves for
    what he or she does.

    i must say the way he carried out his each excercise was good enough for
    beginners to watch at least


  3. Guys plz the people who dont know mike and say that he is lifting only 35s
    look at his other videos and see see the back day or chest day and see how
    much is he lifting not bec he lifted 35s on bicep day so he is only lifting

  4. you do wayyyyy too much talking and feel you think you’re super charming
    and funny. like a douche bag. I force myself to watch the actual
    exercises,which DO help. just say whats going to happen in order.do one set
    of each. ill match up the names w the exercises . tell me to stay focused
    and try it out. the end. that just sounds way better than your extensive
    ass videos.

  5. DjK Productions

    Great video!
    Some advice please mike or anyone else, I thought that it wasn’t a good
    idea to have anything sweet during training as the insulin release
    surpresses the testosterone release.
    Is this true? 

  6. I don’t believe that mike takes steroids, but it’s kind of weird that he’s
    curling 35lbs. That’s what I curl and I’m like average size lol.

  7. mike chang is pretty big, always thought of his physique being pretty bad
    but it ain’t too bad….not too bad

  8. +Six Pack Shortcuts did a bicep isolation set today and really feel
    like my forearms are letting me down as when doing the incline bench
    isolation like this vid, my forearms are hurting loads more than my biceps!
    any tips or will they just strengthen in time as I curl more?

  9. Bad boy workout bruvva
    Similar to what I do but ill drop it to 3 set and 3 exercises as I do my
    triceps on the same day.

    But this good touch op and change on alternate weeks.
    Nice workout and your much more cut than before. Those shakes doing it for
    ya hahah

  10. Is it that hard to curl 35’s mike I curl 35’s no problem you are twice my
    size lol you need to be curing at least 50’s lol 

  11. wow mike, today i did this workout and it felt great as hell, my biceps got
    pumped like crazy, you’re a good inspiration for all of us :)

  12. He was curling 30s on that decline bench I do 40s and my arms are smaller I
    think he does light weight to show good form on videos I believe with those
    arms he can do way more

  13. TheBassfisher352

    Hey mike I am a HUGE fan of all your videos! And I have incorporated many
    of your workouts and tips into my routine! But I jus wanted to clear a few
    things up. Contrary to popular belief the Biceps Brachii is NOT the main
    flexor of the forearm it is the main supinator of the forearm with SOME
    involvement in flexing. The main flexor is the Brachialis which is located
    under the Biceps Brachii. It also does NOT continue into the forearm as you
    stated. The muscle you pointed to in the forearm is Brachioradialis and it
    is involved in dorsal flexing the hand. For this reason you feel it big
    time when you have a overhand grip with a barbell because your hand is
    flexed in order to keep it straight during the exercise. Not being a dick
    just wanted to inform if you didn’t know! But hey who’s splitting hairs!
    Thanks for all the tips and keep them coming man! 

  14. AlladinMclovin2334

    Hi, anyone I just began going to the gym and I’m trying to learn all this
    from youtube vids. But do you only have to do 4 different exercises 8-12
    reps in a day and then every week change up the exercise because what I do
    is I spend 2 hours in the gym doing LOTS of diff exercises.

  15. Hey bro I feel your videos are very informative and i appreciate you taking
    the time to make them. I just started going to the gym and I was wondering
    which ones of your bicep videos is best for a beginner? Thanks look forward
    to your feed back. 

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