MIKE O’HEARN – Nice body but what can you do with it – part 8 – Power Lifting

MIKE O'HEARN - Nice body but what can you do with it - part 8 - Power Lifting

The Rob Riches Nice Body But What Can You Do With It series was the most popular feature of M&F in 6 countries during its 12 month run, and has been by far t…
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The journey of two men, Dan Green and Eric Spoto, as they chase world records. Dan Green looking for the record RAW total in the 242s and Eric Spoto in the b…
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50 thoughts on “MIKE O’HEARN – Nice body but what can you do with it – part 8 – Power Lifting”

  1. I would never even attempt a deadlift with shorts on, unless my goal was
    the have pieces of my flesh on the bar

  2. It would be a shame if you did not get ripped when these other normal
    people bulk up easily using Graxile Ripped X (go Google it).

  3. Thanks this was great! I am getting ready to get into powerlifting and this
    has added more to what I’ve already know about the sport. Thanks again!

  4. Lol at that Mike faggot thinking hes all it with his fake tan and steroid
    enhanced arms.What a knob,i had to stop watching after 6 minutes because
    iof that prick.I bet he doesn’t get laid,no woman wants his old ass.Mike
    Changs the only guy on Youtube that makes sense,i recomenned everyone
    subscribe to ”Sixpackshortcuts” for real Workouts.

  5. mike knows what hes talking about. smart lifter. you can hate on the way he
    looks but the guy always seems positive and encourages everyone else to
    chase their goals, so why hate on the guy.

  6. Can someone tell me if these bodies are natural? I started lifting about a
    year ago and I obviously look nothing like those guys. I’m not saying using
    roids or something means they don’t have to work hard I just wanna know if
    it makes sense to use the guys as a scale if I don’t use stuff.

  7. WhT is this we shit ur not a fucking powerlifter…uve never competed and
    if u did id like to see it..u no compete , u no powerlifter.

  8. This mike guy is a fucking idiot. gaining muscle is not the only way to
    increase strength..its amazing to me how people talk out of their asses. If
    this were the case then 85kilo olympic lifters wouldn’t be clean and
    jerking well in the 400’s like they do.

  9. Guys on stage dont get big backs from pullups? Really? Come on Mike. And
    Rob repeating everything he says… (-_-)

  10. Right kingdaleclark I’m not even gunna go into detail but everything you
    have said there is absolute bollocks and you are a cunt

  11. What do you mean that he has terrible deadlift form. What is wrong with it?
    That is a great looking max effort sumo pull.

  12. ME. I AM BREAKING THE NEXT BARRIER. My bench is only thing lacking for
    total raw score. on video with 1015 squat and 745 deadlift. sadly i cant
    seem to clear 500 on my bench on a regular basis. so ANYONE with any advice
    please respond. im trying any technique because who knows what will work.
    im taking tips from world record holders that had their records through the
    80s and 90s and work out at my heavy gym..Central Illinois Weightlifting
    Gym. they have helped me get this far but i have apparently hit a
    deadzone.. so PLEASE.. and tips are appreaciated.

  13. Hey Sampson, that footage where Scot says “fuck with that?” Is it from a
    specific interview? I’ve been trying to find it on youtube and have had no
    luck thus far. 

  14. and this video.. it gives me SO MUCH energy watching them hit their
    marks..i cant express enough that i want ME to show mine soon ..but not
    until i get it. Thank you both for sharing this.

  15. I know Dan Greene is really fucking strong, but I think that you can only
    claim to have broken a record if it was done under the same circumstances
    (walked out and without knee wraps )

  16. @drcoxxz1337, thx for the reply. How often should I close grip bench per
    week? What is you current bench max if u don’t mind me asking

  17. Do some close grip bench press. It’s helped me a ton! take .75 and multiply
    it by your max and use that as your working set. Do 5×5. Increase the
    weight by five pounds each time you lift. DO NOT MAX OUT EVERY WEEK! I’m
    struggling with this myself. Put time between max out sessions. Check out
    strength camp here on YT. search stronger bench press foundation

  18. Strong lift bro. Don’t know if you respond to your videos, but I hope you
    do, because I would really appreciate some feedback. I’m amazed that
    someone can pres so much weight that many time. All I want to be able to do
    it press 315lbs for 3-5 reps, but I’m struggling with 265lbs for 3reps.
    What exercises can I perform to help me get strong on the bench. Is leg
    drive something you can train or is it suppose to come naturally, because I
    can’t seem to connect my leg drive to my pressing. Thanks.

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