Mike Chang’s Top 5 Workouts of 2013

Build muscle fast: http://sixpackshortcuts.com/rdms What’s up, It’s Mike Chang with sixpackshortcuts and today I’ve decided to put together the Top 5 Workout…

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  1. Six Pack Shortcuts

    Here’s a combination of my top 5 workouts. Make sure to share and comment
    Mike Chang’s Top 5 Workouts of 2013

  2. Really aha where’s abs workout mike

  3. I wonder if people actually believe that he’s natural. I feel bad for
    people that watch these videos and actually believe they’ll get those
    results without taking steroids. This channel is full of false hope.
    But I must say that I have learned a few different exercises that target
    different areas of the muscle that I couldn’t previously hit before, I’ll
    give him that. 

  4. Super buff lol. I’m on my way to looking like him but I use the Adonis
    System, great results so far. Really recommend it to you guys looking for
    serious results.

  5. Mike, ive been training for a couple of months, and im getting red scars
    close to my breast and armpit what can i do

  6. Cool. Make the same video now for cardio at home, no equipment, then the
    circle is complete :-)

  7. mike you were great to start out but you are meant for beginners I’m off to
    better channels now good buy for good. :)

  8. Hey Mike! This is a really nice video; making a compilation/ orkout routine
    video is much better! Just a question: there is no “abs day”, is this
    normal? Will I still be getting six pack abs without an ab day, or does
    strengthening my overall body naturally give me a six pack? And are these
    workouts all I need to get a bigger and better body?

  9. Thanks Mike, I mentioned you at a Vitamin Shop and the clerk said you were
    most watched vid guy on YT. Congratulations!

  10. See guys “Write them down so u dont have to keep watching the video” SEE

    GO MIKE!

  11. I normally don’t care for Mike Chang but I have to admit he is pretty
    strong. Could work on his heavy lifts though. Might soup up this workout my
    way and see how it works.

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