Metroflex LBC Guide to Powerlifting: SQUAT #metroflexlbc Metroflex LBC guide to Squatting with Thad Coleman & Liz Freel A demonstration of how Metroflex LBC trains for the squat: …
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “Metroflex LBC Guide to Powerlifting: SQUAT”

  1. I just downloaded this programme today and did Squats. It’s insane, I can
    feel it working from one workout! 

  2. How do you deal with the back bend? I’ve been told I bend my back too much,
    but he looks like he bends his back a bit too. Is it just a matter of
    getting a belt?

  3. Really REALLLLLY loved this video… Thanks so much! Lots to think about
    and work with!

  4. Marine Corps!!!. Outstanding lesson brother, good information I will put to
    use on my squats. Good to see you represent.

  5. This is awesome guys! I’ll defiantly add what I learned to my training. I
    set some personal goals this year for squat, bench, and deadlift and vids
    like this are going to help me achieve those goals. Thanks! 

  6. That Nikka Bulo needs his own channel. Make it happen maybe, fuck it if it
    all polished and shit

  7. Alex Bodybuilding

    FUcking funny the part with Chris Jones ,but do you hate bodybuilders or

  8. If Captain Kirk tried to pull that shit with me I’d punch the egotistical
    cunt right in his fat fucking mouth. Idiot 

  9. Hey do you know Chris Duffin?
    Amazing raw lifter at 220. Just did 860 WR raw squat in monolift this week.
    You should look at out on youtube

  10. No Powerlifting Motivation video is complete without Scott Mendelson
    getting slapped in the face!!!

  11. Awesome vid and all but what’s with the disrespect towards some of the
    pioneers of the natural side of lifting on youtube? I’m not a fan of
    Kanevsky or Chris Jones but I just don’t get it. Obviously they haven’t
    achieved as much as everyone else, they’re some of the only natural guys

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