Metroflex LBC Guide to Powerlifting: DEADLIFT #metroflexlbc Metroflex LBC guide to deadlifting with Thad Coleman & Liz Freel A demonstration of how Metroflex LBC trains for the deadl…
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20 thoughts on “Metroflex LBC Guide to Powerlifting: DEADLIFT”

  1. nice video.. just that it feels like the guys pulling the bar might be
    extending a little too much at the lockout. Not sure if it helps or
    anything but i though just simple lockout at hips is enough. Will have to
    research more about that!

  2. Watched this for about 5 mins, heard enough to warrant my subscription –
    Keep the videos coming guys!

  3. christoefer23

    Great video. why is speed so important?? You said speed is king,but didn’t
    explain why..

  4. great video i do similar workouts from your squat and deadlift videos..only
    question once a weak or twice a weak? like a heavy day and a light day for

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