Meredith Rogers – Magic Circle Pilates Workout – Intermediate – Trailer – Class # 39 A short class utilizing the Magic Circle to challenge your legs, arms and balance. For added challenge, combine this class with…

Blogilates Stretch Bands: You guys will love this total body POP Pilates workout! To increase the intensity of the moves, I am us…
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26 thoughts on “Meredith Rogers – Magic Circle Pilates Workout – Intermediate – Trailer – Class # 39”

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  2. This is really awkward to do without the stretchy band & I don’t want to
    mess up my tights haha. I did what I could but it was weird 😮 anyways, day
    14 of #SepTONEber done (:

  3. Thought it was funny that Cassey used the stretchy bands as a scar, because
    my dad mistaked mine for av scarf and folded it! XD Good workout by the

  4. Pretty Little Vlogger

    Now I feel like I have to buy equipment. I like pilates because I don’t
    have that kind of stuff. :/

  5. Natalie Andrews

    +blogilates could you please do more videos utilizing the stretch bands,
    mini bands, and power ring? thanks!!!!! :)

  6. I think workout-videos for which you need equipment shouldn’t be part of
    the workout calender…

  7. While I was doing the bicep curls the band slipped off my feet and whacked
    me in the face. Lets just say I am going to stick to regular Pilates from
    now on and create my own resistance. I have done this video in the past
    with no injury but I didn’t position the band correctly this time. Be
    careful guys..

  8. Scourly De Jardin

    Did it and I felt so good! 🙂 I was searching for a workout that will help
    me to build muscels and won’t be too heavy for me for so long. I’m
    underweight but I would really like to have a strong body. Sometimes I feel
    very hopeless and depressed.. Maybe you could make a video for people who
    are underweight? With some helpfull tips and advices..

  9. #ALLGUST I am still dying from yesterday but i feel amazing ! Bring on day
    6 of ALLGUST !

  10. Great if you don’t have those bands…. -.- gonna do another video for
    today. This is just useless for me.

  11. First workout I finished!! It wasn’t that hard, buT I am sweating and
    burning. I just told myself that THIS will be the workout I finish. I’m
    using my superheavy ballet band and they truly are amazing for strength!!
    Mostly used for my feet, but now I know how to work my core also!!! Thank
    you :*

  12. Hello Cassey !!!! I’m 11 yrs old and I’ve been bullied a lot through 4-5
    grade, and I’ve been watching your videos and I’ve been working out and
    I’ve found a different in my self , my arms my legs and I still needa work
    out the body… But I’m doing your august 2014 calendar and I love u so
    much !!!! you make my life more amazing, and btw I’m going to 7th and
    hopefully one of my friends in junior high see a big change in me 🙂 thank
    you so much Cassey !!!!

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