MAXIMUM GROWTH! Shoulders & Traps!

Back on the grind and ready to build massive shoulders & traps? This workout fuses slow negatives with short rest periods to maximize volume and tension to p…
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After completing this routine my insides felt like they were sliced and diced. Standing upright proved to be a workout on its own. Then, three days later… …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “MAXIMUM GROWTH! Shoulders & Traps!”

  1. Arrgghhhhh!!!! AAgggghhhhhhh!!! Arrhhhhhhhhh!!! Raaaaaaaaahhhh!!!
    Grrrgggggggggggggggghhh!!! Feel Arrgghhhh the AAaaarrgghhh muscle
    Grrrggaaahhhh gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *dies* XD

  2. i thought you’re not supposed to lock your elbows when doing the seated
    dumbell arnold press??

  3. hey scott, try a bit more intensity in your workout, probably why you’ve
    hit a plateau in gains for the last like 2 years 

  4. 1second active excercise , 1 second holding the weights at the end of the
    movement , and then 3 seconds negative movement

  5. +ScottHermanFitness Are those wrestling shoes you work out in? They work
    good for you I guess?

  6. Man O Man that stings!!! AB-omination with Fibromyalgia, what a combo!
    Exercise is the key to chronic pain 🙂 

  7. Andre Cornelius Skunk Chandra

    Hey Scott, i must admit this is a very good combo exercise. I tried it once
    and i got vomit in third round. But this is very good. Thanks Scott.

  8. Wow. Excellent clip clip. My dad was once fat. He enhanced himself from
    279lbs of fat into 205lbs of total muscle mass. That shit was extreme! I
    just joined personally coz I’d like to enhance my physique. He made use of
    the Muscle Building Bible (Google it)…

  9. Just finished doing your workout Scott as we speak..For a first timer I
    actually did 10 rounds in 18 minutes.. Keep posting more workout man..

  10. If you mean if I’m seeing anything since 2 days ago, then the answer is no.
    But in general I’m seeing and mainly feeling progress.

  11. Most people do ab workouts every other day, but this can carry on hurting
    for a few days after, so I’d just say do it when your body recovers.

  12. Did this routine again. From 7 rounds last time I did 10 round today.
    Feeling that it’s working out.

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  14. I love your videos brah you post so much diversity in your workouts you
    show stuff that I have never seen before it keeps the workouts interesting
    thanks man

  15. Michsters channel

    Hey Scott, I tried doing this routine, but I can’t seem to do this Oblique
    Heel Touch. I’ve tried using a different exercise instead to do the
    complete routine, but I wondered if you have any decent alternatives to
    switch the Oblique Heel Touch with.

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