MAXIMUM GROWTH! Chest & Abs! (Muscle Gain)

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50 thoughts on “MAXIMUM GROWTH! Chest & Abs! (Muscle Gain)”

  1. When there’s 100 pounds listed with DB bench press, is that 100 pounds on
    each dumbell, or combined?

  2. A friend of mine just went back from the war in Iraq. He lost his arms and
    legs and he can still do this routine… come on man, this is way too easy
    for me. I’m only 7 years old and I can do this routine in about 10 minutes.

  3. Is a heavy dumbbell okay to use for the standing oblique crunch instead of
    a plate? :)

  4. sandeep dhankhar

    hi scott
    please suggest me how to manage my week routine for this maximum growrh

  5. Best chest workout ive done in a long time. Thanks for getting me out of my

  6. ElseworldGenius

    oh that plate looked like it was gonna slip i think ill do those with my
    thumbs through the hole

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  8. raju bhai Bharati

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  9. 12neverland21

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  10. jekyll and hide syndrome haa –dr. jekyll during lifting –grunting
    screaming for them reps–then mr. hide for the coaching haa 

  11. Jamuna Neupane

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  12. This workout is incredible, I’ve never had a pump like it! I was so glad
    once I got to the last set!

    Scott – How long would you suggest I use this along with your other MAXIMUM
    GROWTH routines? I’ve been bulking for 7 weeks (different routine) and I’m
    switching to this for the last stage of my bulk. Would 4 – 6 weeks be
    enough to get good results?

  13. rakshya pandeya

    If you are looking to build muscle, you should search Google for “Xraggy
    Muscle Max”. That can help you get the body you deserve.

  14. venise emmanuel santos

    Is it ok to concentrate only on your early zeus chest workout? Or
    variations are better?

  15. terrance burke

    the whole Framily thing man… I don’t think any other youtuber would do
    that. thats really cool. 

  16. WTF i’m a new subscriber
    i thought this was a fitness channel !!
    somebody explain this to me 

  17. Hey Scott i have been working out for just 3 and a half months. i started
    out at 150 pounds and now i am at 160 pounds. the heaviest iv ever been. A
    guy at work gave me a 4 month workout routine i have been following. It
    didn’t include compound movements so i had to add them in myself about a
    month ago. I am almost done his program and i want to remain working out
    but i don’t think i can build my own routine just yet. I am asking if you
    could make me a 6 month-1 year long routine that i can follow that has
    amount of reps and number of sets of each exercise. My friends routine
    changed the exercises in the routine every month and that seemed to work.
    Of course i will pay you to design this routine for me. Thanks and please
    get back to me. i tried to inbox you but it would not let me lol. 

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  19. Just picked up the GS5 this weekend as well! The camera is awesome! Using
    the HDR feature in the camera will make pics of Jane really pop! I know it
    looks killer with my Vette. And the quote is from Transformers! 


    Do you think Agent Ward really works for Hydra?! Or was it part of
    Coulson’s plan when he talked with Ward toward the end for their 1 on 1
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  21. Cameron Tysoe

    Okay for the getting up earlier, I used to sleep from about 4am till 12pm
    and it was terrible. eventually my work schedule got changed from night
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    suit :)

  22. Htc one m8 won my vote, just looks more sexy I’m not a camera guy so all

  23. Emmanuel Contreras

    Hey how many people are on your sprint id I might be interested in

  24. Curtis Duquette

    Come on keep it 100. Ive never in my entire life seen someone transform
    there body in 6 weeks from where he was, to that. I dont doubt that is him,
    Im sure it is. But in 6 weeks? Get outta here. Thats not even 2 months bro,
    the only way I can imagine him getting that big and shed that much body fat
    is if he is a experienced Bodybuilder n that pic to the left was him in off

  25. Scott what about the genetic potential test you never gave the
    results to it, are you going to make a video?

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